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The secrets of LIVing beautifully

by Alessandra Steinherr, UK Glamour, November 2008, Photographs by Chris Craymer, Scans by Yavanna

OK, so hanging out on a tropical beach is a pretty good start, but Liv Tyler always looks gorgeous. We spent a day with her in Mauritius to chat fashion, fitness and flawless skin.

Liv's beauty rules

Be skin disciplined
"I've had a skincare routine from early on. No matter how tired I am, I will always wash my face and moisturise before bed. And I love face masks - I do them all the time."

Get sun smart
"I never sit in direct sunlight and I always put on a SPF50 when I'm on the beach."

Pamper yourself
"I absolutely love spas! I had an amazing massage last night at the Givenchy Spa here. I wish I could have one every day - but I don't get to go that often."

Work with your skin tone...
"When people try to make me look tanned, it can look a bit silly. Pale suits me best.

...but stay open-minded
"I was a bit hesitant at first when Nicolas [Degennes, artistic director for Givenchy] wanted to make my skin look more golden [for this shoot]. But it looked so natural because he kept it light. I love it!"

Liv's fashion fixes

What do you wear on a daily basis?
"I am such a tomboy - I wear plaid shirts, Converse and jeans every day. It's practical and comfortable."

What shape of jeans do you like?
"A straight leg is really flattering on me - I'm not wild about skinnies. My favourite jeans are by Seven, they fit great. I also love classic, old-fashioned Levi's."

Do you have any shopping rules?
"I am a speed-shopper. I'll buy stuff and take it home to try on. I like to see things in my own mirror and if they are not right I'll return them. It's good to see how clothes fit in with your life."

Flats or heels?
"I do love heels, but because I am really tall I wear mostly flat shoes. I wore my Balenciaga Gladiator sandals to death and I have lots of Lanvin flats - they come in many cute colours."

Who is your favourite designer?
"There are so many great designers, it's hard to choose. I've been friends with Stella [McCartney] for years - she makes such great dresses that you can just throw one on and never feel like you're trying too hard."

What's your red-carpet dressing rule?
"I need to feel comfortable even when I dress up - there is a lot of sitting in cars and standing around, so you better be able to move!"

What is your favourite outfit a designer has given you?
"It was a pink dress that Alexander McQueen made me for the Paris premiere of Lord Of The Rings. It was really special and he made me a little bag to go with it. I was very touched by that."

Body by Liv

Don't beat yourself up
"Everyone has these physical things they don't like about themselves. I go up and down with my weight - it's normal. I don't want to be miserable by not eating and I don't think it's healthy to obsess about your body."

Enjoy life
"After I finished filming The Incredible Hulk I went on vacation for three weeks and ate whatever I wanted. I put on 10lbs - so when I got back home I just worked my butt off to lose it."

Stay focused
"When I need to get in shape I work out with [fitness guru] David Kirsch. We've known each other for about eight years - he is a great trainer and a good friend. It's about the workout but also the diet. David has a two-week programme that is so hard - but it delivers."

Liv's beauty musts

Crema Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner, Terax
"I've used this forever - it gives great shine and keeps my hair supersoft"

Pocket Beauty Case in Sweet Dandy, Givenchy
"It's so cute and easy to put on lips and cheeks. Plus I like anything pink"

The Lip Balm, Cremedelamer.co.uk
"My all-time favourite"

Phenomen'Eyes High-Precision Mascara, Givenchy
"This mascara is amazing - the round spiky brush picks up every lash"

Absolutely Irresistible, Givenchy
"This smells so divine! Very subtle and feminine. And I love jasmine"

Sound Mind Sound Body Thermo Bubbles, David Kirsch
Liv added this to her bottle of water and drank it during the shoot. "I love it - it gives me lots of energy!"

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