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Liv on the cover of Celebrity Style
She has everything a really good friend needs

by Stefanie Schmidt, German Celebrity Style, November 2008, Translation by Undomiel241

In the glittering metropolis of Hollywood superficiality, envy, rivalry and intrigues are a daily occurrence. How wants to succeed has to push through. Or? Wrong. Liv Tyler, 31, is the best evidence: She is among the squad of the best actors and astounds her fellow men and particularly her best friends every now and then with her sensitiveness, her heartiness and her appreciation

When the frosty borealis soughs around the New York town-houses in fall and winter the friends of Liv find at least once a month a pretty card in their mailbox: "Invitation to Sunday Roast. See you. L." And all that is been dished up has of course been made by the hostess herself – the roast, the Yorkshire pudding, the braised vegetable and the potatoes. Helena Christensen, one close friend of Liv Tyler, says full of admiration: "She really is an excellent cook! Her Yorkshire pudding is a splendor!"

In the biennial timeout when she exclusively cared for her son Milo, nearly aged four, the actress taught herself the cooking of such complicated meals as English pancakes. Liv Tyler:
"British cuisine is always being underestimated. Although the dishes warm oneself from the inside." Alongside Helena Christensen Kate Hudson and Jennifer Connelly are present at the Sunday-Roast-Meetings. And the three are agreed: Liv is a really good friend. Not only because she invites to dinner but because she endows them her time, appreciation, patience and heartiness. The four most important columns of a true friendship for the elve-princess from Lord of the Rings. As a matter of course the four women are their for each other at any time when one friend is in trouble. Since Liv Tyler got into a big crisis Helena Christensen, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Connelly give her encouragement and caress her soul.

I began in May this year when her agent announced the separation from her husband Royston Langdon. However a crisis approached since month in marriage. The rocker is said to have celebrated excessive parties and to have blown his wife's money while she cared for the mutual child of theirs. The wounds of the separation heal slowly on Liv Tyler. She is glad to find backing with her friends. But she also admits:
"my astrological sign is cancer. Sometimes I feel like I have lost my shell." Thus she goes to therapy once a week. That she has become so thin has nothing to do with her marriage crisis and separation she says. "For my latest movie (The Strangers in cinema from 20.11.) I had to run, scream and sweat a lot. That relieved me immensely and I already lost 5 kilos in the first two weeks. Suddenly I was so thin that my pants began to slip. Wonderful!" To keep her weight she currently she works out with Star coach David Kirsch and orders a friseé salad instead of an ample Breakfast-Club-Sandwich at her favourite restaurant Cafe Cluny (248 West 12th Street). "However I try not to become obsessive" she laughs. "The more as I tend to get all worked up about something"

Liv Tyler obsessive? Although she acts unagitated and wonderfully normal.
"Appearances are deceptive! I also have dark sides." She is truly addicted to Horror movies like The Shining, Rosemarie's Baby and Return of the Living Dead. "It sounds strange but I really much like to be frightened" says Liv Tyler. Unfortunately this causes that "I am checking if a ghost is hiding under the bed or a monster is lurching behind the door before I go to bed." She smiles and apologetically gives a shrug. "Oh well, as log as I don't infect my son with my paranoia..." Her second big passion are guidebooks. "Above all I am interested in communication. You can achieve so much in a relationship when you know how to talk to each other."

In this moment she startles for a short moment and peers a little forlornly in her mint tee. You can tell what she is thinking about – if communication problems could have been responsible for the failure of her marriage. But then she shakes the dark soul-clouds off with a move of her head.
"I know for sure that one day I will be really happy and feel like a new woman!" Her best friends will see to it and also her ex-fiancée Joaquin Phoenix with whom she is in regular contact. He dotes on her: "She is as good as gold, so real, forthright and 100 percent reliable." And there really are more and more often moments when she nearly bursts with happiness. For example when she heard that her movie The Strangers a horror movie inspired by the Manson murders grossed 14 million euro in the USA already at the first weekend. "I was so proud. At first I cried and screamed of delight then I called all my friends. For you recognize true friends by them also being there for you in good times.

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