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Liv on the cover of Young
Single mum Liv Tyler

by Stefanie Lehmberg, German Young magazine, November 2008, Translation by Undomiel241

Like every young woman Liv also has far too many opportunities to make a wrong decision. Only: Lovely Liv is doing everything right

Snow White, elf, engrossed beauty, and loving, happy mother. And recently divorced wife as you have to add since this spring. Lovely Liv, the celestial beauty from Lord of the Rings, the tender one from The Incredible Hulk surprises now with a horror-thriller for which the audience needs to have strong nerves. Another episode in her résumé that Liv Tyler passes with flying colors. Like almost everything in her life.

She has strong nerves. No matter what surprise the world has in store for her she masters it all. Because she possesses the talent to embrace life as it approaches – or assails on her. At the moment the anonymity of her adopted country New York comes just at the right time because in contrast to Hollywood stars can simply be sad here sometimes. And so Liv Tyler can play with her son Milo (3) on the playground undisturbed, jog through Central Park with coach David Kirsch, go out for a sandwich with her best friend, model Helena Christensen, or stroll through the shops in Greenwich Village unrecognized. She lives in this Bohemian neighborhood, is a single mother amongst many, that cooks wholefood-meals for her child, fights against her "Mama-Mia" figure and recently manages returning into working life after a self chosen baby break. Typically Liv Tyler: she likes to do all this, hundred percent and fearless. After The Incredible Hulk her new movie The Strangers will be released in cinemas on 20.12. In the USA the low budget horror-movie grossed fabulous 21 million dollars at the first weekend.

"I jumped on my bed in delight when the producer called" reports Liv. "I was so proud I cried." Further positive results: She lost 5 kilos during the arduous shooting and she was nominated "Best actress in a horror movie".

Liv has the right touch for right decisions. For a 31-year-old she is worldly-wise and prudent. No affairs, no drugs, no red carpet mania. Her life principle: Take every day as it comes, embrace fate as it comes, learn from it and unhurriedly make the best of it.
"I always had the feeling to bear a little compass within myself that guides me" explains Liv. Well, she is divorced now but the separation proceeded without producing negative headlines. Liv and Royston Langdon, the musician with whom she has been together for ten years, have agreed upon a respectful cooperation. "We owe this our son Milo." Liv knows what it is like growing up in unexplained circumstances. Her mother, ex-playmate and model Bebe Buell, kept quiet about her famous father, lead singer of Aerosmith. Liv grew up in a small town believing Buells' on-and-off-boyfriend Todd Rundgreen, also musician, was her daddy. Her charming naturalness, a part of her positive character and that she had a normal childhood is due to this deception. She was already 9 years old when she learned about her true father. There are some anecdotes how this family reunion could have happened. The funniest: Liv is reported to have noticed the resemblance to the lead singer at an Aerosmith concert and took her mother to ask. The most believable: Steven Tyler, a "friend of the family" in all those years, is reported to have brought along his daughter Mia from his relationship with Cyrinda Foxe for dinner. The resemblance between the two girls is so striking that all denial was pointless. Liv accepted the exciting truths, her new half-sister and her flashy father immediately without reproaches but with all consequences. She changed her last name in Tyler and enjoyed her new status as child of Rock n' Roll.

And she was pleased about being able to profit from her new famous name. She started to work as a model at the age of 13 and after that her daddy certainly opened many a door in the film business. Furthermore she was featured in Aerosmith's video clip Crazy. But what she made of her privileged starting position is to her credit. She never chose a role randomly but the ones she chose she played very convincingly. And she became the Lady of the Rings. With her Snow White beauty – milk colored skin and dark hair - she was born for this role. Her sensual, almost perfect mouth is the ideal of all plastic surgeons. That is why it was just a matter of time that she caught the attention of the beauty industry: since some years she is the face of the French label Givenchy.

To this day she is very proud of her father Steven, every now and then mentions how well the unconventional patchwork family works. And now she lives it herself.
"I enjoy being a mother. With Milo my greatest dream came true." Even if she dreams of a house in the countryside like all mothers with little children do she is content with her life in New York. Maybe because her father not only provides her with advice but also with fresh wholefood eggs. Or maybe because in Manhattan having savvy means more than a perfect silicon breast.

Liv Tyler is smart. And dedicated. Like many stars with intelligence she likes the movement of the LOHAS. That are people who have committed themselves to the "Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability". Means: Living well and trendy but consistent to nature. Further prominent representatives of this lifestyle: her friends Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney. As always Liv calmly looks forward to her future. For now no screenplay can attract her. She rather writes a serial of children's etiquette books with her grandmother Dorothea Johnston, a recognized expert on decent behavior in Washington. Again sounds like a good decision.

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