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Rock N' Roll Girl!

Brazilian Gloss, November 2008, Scans and Translation by Fernandaadbs

She's the daughter of an ex-groupie and her father and husband are rock n' roll singers. Although she was raised in a non-conventional way, she's really calm. And gorgeous! Although we hardly see her on the big screen, she's always in people's minds.

Liv Tyler is a good actress, but people usually remind her because she's beautiful. Or because of her past that's never left behind in articles about her. It makes sense. The history of this 31 years old actress could be a great movie. For those who doesn't remember: she's the daughter of the rock n' roller Steven Tyler, 60, from Aerosmith and Bebe Buell, 55, ex-model – she only discovered that she was Steven's daughter when she was 11. Liv always thought that the musician Todd Rundgren, her mother's husband, was her father. After she went to an Aerosmith's rock concert, she asked: "Mommy, am I Steven Tyler's daughter?". Bebe confessed that she had an affair with him ... And yes, Liv was his daughter!

With a family full of artists, drag queens, models and madness, Liv followed her path. She got married with a rock n' roll singer, the British Royston Langdon, 36, from the band The Quick. The wedding was in 2003. After the ceremony, the actress took a break to be with her husband and son, Milo, 3. From 2004 to 2007, she acted in only three movies. But in 2008 Liv was in three movies, one of them: The Incredible Hulk, that's already on DVD. We don't know if the crisis on her wedding is related to her return to the movies. But unfortunately, Liv separated from her husband ... But there are rumors that they're trying reconciliation.

Do you try to raise your son in a more conventional way than the one you were?
Liv: The most important for me is that Milo knows that I'm always there for him. I live like a gypsy, sometimes I'm in a place and suddenly I travel to a new house in only 3 months. That's because of my job, but I always try to take my son with me. When I'm with him, I always look at his eyes and I listen to him a lot. I want Milo to feel welcomed. Whenever he sees a trailer, he says: "Look, it's mommy's job!"

Your last role was Hulk's girlfriend... Do you know how to handle anger better than him?
Liv: (Laughs) I don't get pissed off on a high frequency. People's psychology fascinates me... I love to understand how they work, or if something makes me feel bad, I try to investigate the reason. But, as a mother, it's different. I've already felt really mad, I lost control. It happens: you open your mouth and suddenly you're saying things you don't recognize. But, in this case, it's related to protection.

Does your personality changed a lot after you became a mother?
Liv: Yes, of course! But I don't know if the change happened because I'm a mother or because I'm a woman now. Last year I became 30 and since that I'm feeling so much better. I started to work when I was a girl and things happened soooo fast... One day I said "When I grow up I want to be an actress" and suddenly I was still a child, but I was an actress (laughs). Recently I felt like it was the first time I was taking the decision to work. Now, the work just happened to me. Now I'm a grown up and I'm choosing a profession. When I was young, I just said I wanted to be an actress, but it was just a dream… But it became the reality and now here we are.

How did you discover that you want to act?
Liv: Honestly, I have no idea! I was chubby, I had braces and permanent on the hair (laughs). But, suddenly I became so tall. My mother took pictures of me at the time, I was like 12 or 13... And my picture was in a magazine, smiling and inside a tub with a lot of bubbles. People started asking "Who's that girl?". Then I was in Interview Magazine, and people there asked me "What do you want to be when you grow up?" and I said: "Actress". I became a model and they started to call me for movie auditions. I went there, after school, and I didn't care... There were some roles... And then I met Bernardo Bertolucci, I was in Stealing Beauty and my career started.

Did you like the experience?
Liv: I loved it! It was nice to let my emotions to show up. I felt like everything was in the right place. I love to express myself. People already said that I was born in the wrong time, that I should be in mute movies. I always cut my lines (laughs)! I always say "I don't want to say that, I want to say this."

Do you prefer to be strong women or fragile girls in danger?
Liv: I prefer strong women, but it's nice to have the opportunity to do both. I like action characters because I love to move, scream, run. After giving birth to Milo, I discovered a strength I didn't know. After that, I've already dreamed about being a super hero (laughs). I enjoy realizing this dream in movies, doing stuff I usually don't do.

You're gorgeous! Tell us, what are your beauty secrets?
Liv: I have plenty. I was raised with it, so I don't even stop to think about it. My mother and my grandmother taught me how to take care of myself. I have a lot of friends who never washed their faces! I always clean my skin before sleeping, I use some beauty creams... It's so automatic as brushing my teeth. I use a lot of creams, all the time. I'm almost a chemist. I have a closet full of products I pick up according to my skin at that day. I also try to exercise at least three times a week. I wish I could run more, but that's not possible.

What did you learn about life until now?
Liv: I learn about things every day. I can't say one in particular. I just love this possibility to know new stuff every day. I always catch myself thinking "How didn't I think about it before?". When you think that you understood everything, new things come to surprise you. It's so nice.

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