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Liv on the cover of German Jolie
Liv for the moment

by Simon Taylor, German Jolie, January 2009, Translation by Pallavolla

She is a single mother raising child on her own, she's scared of monsters living under her bed, she has a job full of adrenaline. No one would ever think there is still a place for boredom in Liv Tyler's life.

She looks unearthly beautiful and elegant wearing grey dress and long neck chain with golden heart hanging on it. Her hair is almost black and curled, her skin has ivory colour. She smiles shyly. Snow White. But Liv can be very different from that as well. In her newest movie The Strangers this 31-year-old actress fights for her life screaming so convincingly that she was rewarded with Scream Award for the best actress in horror movie. Anyway, that's Liv's son, Milo, who plays the main role in her real life.

Where is Milo now?
He is sitting in the room next to ours, eating sandwich with cheese and watching cartoons. We were visiting museum just before our meeting. Today is not a very stressful day so I asked him if he wanted to come here with me. He answered: "Yes, I would love to go to the job with mommy". He's so sweet.

You raise him on your own. How do you manage to link acting with being mother at the same time?
My job gives me a lot of freedom and I'm very happy with this. I work for a couple of months and after that I've got a lot of free time enabling me to be a normal mother for my child: I make breakfasts for Milo, I take him to the kindergarten and home again, I play games with him. Normal days like these are very necessary.

The Strangers is the first horror movie in your career. Do you like to be afraid?
I love movies such as The Ring or The Sixth Sense. I've always been quite obsessed with movies like that and tried to watch them all in cinemas. I fell in love with The Strangers script as soon as I read the first page. It is not a common horror movie. It makes you feel surprised. Working on that movie was a new experience for me. I have neither screamed hysterically nor fought for my life all the time before.

What are you scared of?
When I was a little kid I was really afraid of darkness and all those things that might be sitting under my bed. Even now I always check what's underneath my bed in all hotel rooms I'm in and I'm still a bit scared of putting my feet on the floor after waking up. Maybe there is a monster lying under my bed? Strange, isn't it? I'm also a bit scared every time I start working on a new movie. Anyway, I love new challenges because they help me to overcome my fright giving me a lot of energy.

You're a successful actress. That's connected with being followed by paparazzi all the time. Is your job worth all this?
Of course I don't like it when it happens too often but as an actress I have no other choice. That's one of those things I have to accept - my life is not perfect. I am blessed being able to earn money acting in movies. I love making a movie, being part of a team which is as one big family, feeling pride after seeing fruit of working together.

What does your son say when he is asked about his mum's job?
He answers shortly: "My mum works at nights." I guess that's because I had to spend some nights out on the movie set.. We were in caravan once and he said "That's where my mommy works". I think it may sound strange to some people...

You yourself found out that Aerosmith's leader Steven Tyler was your father when you were nine...
There were always a lot of people surrounding me: my mum, my stepfather, my uncles and aunties, but I've never really had a normal mum-and-dad family. I don't know what kind of influence it had on me but I am sure many things happening in our lives depends on the way we were raised, for example what kind of man we will look for in the future. I still try to understand myself better and that's why I'm addicted to different sorts of guidebooks.

How close are you with your father now?
As close as one can possibly be to the rock star who is always on a road. We live in different cities, he has his own family but I try to spend holidays with him regularly.

How does Milo feel about him?
Milo adores him because my dad is so young inside and he's so child-alike. He sings, make sounds of different instruments... Lately we've been to Aerosmith concert in Toronto... lights, my dad on the stage... Milo was absolutely delighted.

What would you say if he wanted to be an actor?
No idea. I make no plans. I live here and now. I've been working since I was 14. My life didn't remind other teenagers' lives but at the same time I avoided many mistakes. When my friends made parties in NY trying LSD I went on a movie set to Tuscany. I like my life and regret nothing. Milo has to decide what will make him happy.

What do you like doing when you spend evenings at home?
I love spending time with Milo, taking bath with him, reading him books or just lying on my bed doing nothing.

In front of the TV?
No absolutely not. I have no time to watch TV. I've seen Sex and the City once or twice. Recently I've been standing behind tall, attractive man on some party. Mr. Big. I wanted to tell him something but at that very moment I forgot his name and almost asked him: "Are you Mr. Pink?"

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