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Returning to the top

Russian Viva, March 2009, Translation by Paul

The past year was probably the most difficult in life of the actress: she has parted with beloved for the sake of which she has stopped career for some time. Liv is convinced that the best medicine for her is to return to set. But whether will give Hollywood to her the next chance?

She's considered as the very "normal" one of the present show business stars. No disorderly amours, no drugs or alcohol scandals. Probably a limit of all these follies has been used up by her parents, model Bebe Buell and rock star Steven Tyler.

There is talked in Hollywood that Liv has some especial magnetism. She's charmingly beautiful - magnificent lips, blue eyes, a porcelain skin... But the most important it's her originality and talent!

Not, not all dreams come true and it is necessary to approach to it philosophically ... Probably so Liv Tyler growls under her nose, vigorously pushing a cart with her 4-year-old son Milo through dense Broadway crowd. She knows that it is much more convenient to walk in the Central park or on the Sixth Avenue, but can't do anything about that. She's not interested in bright show-windows where are dresses with astronomical price lists flaunt. She isn't interested in even magnificent private residences where the door-keepers stand in liveries. She feels much better among tiny houses in Greenwich-Village where all reminds a free rural life. But, unfortunately, the little son remains the only being whose desires she hasn't got power to oppose, and Milo loves colorful Broadway!

The favorite son, a live reminder of the great love and marriage with Royston Langdon, the leader of rock band Spacehog, the union which should have lasted forever. «But why to marry if it isn't like that?» – Liv thinks. The morning sun never lasts a day? The pair informed of divorce in May of the last year. But haven't divorced officially even now. In relations of the actress and the musician there were no lies, tragedies, or mutual recriminations. Simply Liv has realized that the man whom she breathed throughout many years literally, has completely disappeared. The independent person who had creative energy and ideas has gone. He was replaced by the blase bourgeois who would like to live forever with a huge pleasure spending former merits of the well-known wife ... Liv would never be complained of it, but has thought: if both of them wish to keep good relations for the sake of the child, they should divorce. And nevertheless they often see each other. Royston tries to be a good father. He has even reanimated the band and plays again! But there's no road back. It is sad, because for Liv a family and children (she would like to have not less than five kids!) always were the most important things in life.

The 'tough' family probably because in the childhood she didn't have enough parental attention ... No, the girl hasn't been an orphan, simply parents of Liv have appeared ... tough. Mum, Bebe Buel, was a successful model and the singer, but can be a bright example of life disorder. She was in the world of the big money and bright stars, ran on appointments to Rod Stewart and Elvis Costello, and in the first 10 years of Liv's life they have informed her that her father – musician Todd Rundgren, with whom Bebe actually has "converged" already after birth of daughter. But when on one of Todd's concerts Liv has faced Aerosmith leader Steven Tyler, and all her doubts vanished. She was very like the famous singer. That smile, that gesture, and even that cat-like moving. After that Bebe told her who her real father is. Bebe explained her why she haven't told Liv before. Because she didn't want Steven affect Liv with his bad habits. When Liv was born in one of the Hospitals in New York, Steven was using narcotics and nobody knew he would give it up. But the truth wasn't a trauma for Liv, she thought now she's got "two daddies" and she'll be as twice as happy with them.
"I though child-like about the "twice" presents for Christmas, Birthday and thought that Steven will reward me for years of being parted" – smiles Liv.

She wasn't angry at her mother, all her mistakes and that she brought her to grandmother's or aunt's when she was on a tour with her new famous "love".
"Today, when I look at my mum, I become a bit upset because she was really "hurt" by the people surrounding her. But I think my growing period was different. I saw a lot of various worlds. That's why I think I can adapt to different situations. Sometimes I think I'm like a chameleon." She didn't leave the house, didn't smoke or use narcotics in secret. "I dreamed about a comfortable garden with flowers, where I will read for my children bedtime tales. It is why being a mother amazed me so much. I was never angry when in the middle of night I wake up and take care about Milo. It seemed like continue of my dream" – laughs Liv.

She married with Royston in a mysterious island called Barbados. In the ceremony were her mum and two fathers. Before the marriage, Liv lived with Royston 6 years.
"Maybe I wasn't grown enough to be married?" – think Liv. She was 25, Roy was 5 years older. When Milo was born, she decided to take a break in her career. "When I say "career", I didn't mean set. You can take baby there" – explains Liv. "The worst begins later work travels and other things... That's not great for raising a child. But I wanted to be a mother, a real one". Probably that's why she received the offer being face of cosmetic company right after the birth. Shoot in ads takes much less time than movies and has a lot of privileges. For example, Liv gained weight after birth, and has been made to lose it. Tall, a little under 180 cm Liv didn't feel any need to exercise, or diet, to look better, and laughed at them who said that in Hollywood, only thin ones are famous. But for advertisement placards of Lord Of The Rings she controlled her diet, eating vegetables and fruit in general and got her previous "girly" shape back fast enough. Now she wants to return to the Big Screen. "I don't want to be workless single mother in New York. Raising children is very expensive pleasure now" – laughs Liv. "Do you consider this reason for returning to favorite job too ordinary? Is Fame thirst better?"

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