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Liv on the cover of French ELLE
Beauty Tyler

French ELLE, June 2009, Photos by Satoshi Saikusa, Scans by Aliice and by Liz from SexyStevenTyler.com, Translation by Aliice

Under Nicolas Degennes brushes, artistic director of Givenchy Make-up, Liv Tyler, the actress with a charming smile, wears three make-ups which are up this summer. Sunny, sparkling or rock: find out these three glamorous faces.

Sunny like Romy:
Nicolas Degennes: "Like Romy Schneider in "La Piscine", Liv has a glowing spontaneity that I translate with a moist skin effect and an utlra-tanned sun-tanning."

- For a Santa Fe tan: Use a colorless powder as a base, then use a sun-tanning with a big brush. To "roast" the skin, use an orange blush above cheekbones. In bonus, it gives life to the sun-tanning.
- For a wet effect: The secret is to catch the light to stimulate the water reflection. A powder composed with white pearl will create the illusion on eyelids and shoulders. On lips, it's a transparency gloss witch will do it. Though, we have to avoid too much pearl effect, too much glitter and not wet enough.

Givenchy Make-up Le Make-Up, with Skin Drink Soft, Tan To Go n1, Primissime Mat & Glow n73, Miser Bright Sun n72, Prisme Again! Blush Glow n72, Phenomen'Eyes n1 and Gloss n2. Hair style by Damien Boissinot, with Shampoo Optimisateur de Couleur Pigma'Up dark hair and Gel Hair by Camille Alabane (clothes Antik Batik)

Sparkling like Tinkerbelle:
Nicolas Degennes: "Liv looks like an heroin of modern fairy-tales, I have stress on her lighting tan, her glance with a daring mix of pink on lips and orange nails."

- For an aristocratic tan: Massage the skin with a base tan (or primer) it texture catches the light without any thickness. Exactly what we want in summer when we don't want to be tanned.
- Strawberry-apricot duet: Uncoordinated lips and nails, it's very modern. With your finger, smooth your lips with a pink lipstick, and lightened this look with a orange juicy nail polish.

Givenchy Make-up Le Make-Up, with Skin Drink Soft, Activ'Mine n6, Photo Perfexion n2 and n7, Prisme Libre n5, Prisme Again! n10, Prisme Again! Visage Sun Mango, Magic Kajal n1, Phenomen'Eyes n1, Prisme Again! Eyes n14, Eyebrow Show n2, Gloss Interdit n06 and Vernis Please! n162. Manucure by Brenda Abrial. (Underskirt by Chanel)

Rock like Patti Smith:
Nicolas Degennes: "Liv is a rock child (her father is Steven Tyler, of Aerosmith rockband) with a crazy side that she completely assumes. In her private life, she sings a lot, she has a wonderful voice. I translate this with a strong glance and a blazing mouth."

- For a dark glance: There is nothing better than a dark and greasy khl, to put inside the eye, on the top like on the bottom. Be careful, it will trickle a little bit but it's rock n'Roll. To avoid these streams, use a transparency powder on the lower eyelid. And put a lot of mascara on eyelashes.
- For the mouth: Orange. Put the lipstick with your finger to color your lips. Then correct the edges with a nude pen.
- To put a 80's blush. Forget about the round healthy powder on the cheekbones, dig up the cheeks with brown blush, to put in diagonal from the hear to under the cheekbones.

Givenchy Make-up Le Make-Up, with Skin Drink Soft, Activ'Mine n6, Photo Perfexion n2 and n7, Prisme Libre n5, Perfect Again! n10, Prisme Again! Visage n13, Magic Kajal n1, Phenomen'Eyes n1 and Rouge Interdit n14. Make-Up by Nicolas Degennes. Hairstyle Camille Albane by Damien Boissinot (Dress Roberto Cavalli)

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