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An Interview for a Dutch Magazine

Break Out Magazine (Dutch), December 2001

The book the Lord of the Rings counts 1500 pages, Did you read it ?
I read it after I accepted the part. I heard kids at school talking about it but I thought 1500 pages is a little too much ...

You play Arwen, but she's just a small part in the books
That's right. In the books you barely read about her, but in the movies they made the part bigger.

So they just made up a lot of stuff ?
No, in the appendix for the books there is the love story between Arwen and Aragorn, and they add it into the movies. Thats also gives the movie a little romantic vibe.

Viggo Mortensen plays Aragorn - your lover, how he is ?
Viggo is great, I really admire him. His role is very big so he had to work really hard but I never heard him complaining. You almost thought he really became Aragorn.

And you had to play an Elf - you even had to speak a language that doesn't even exist
I don't really speak Elvish but at the set you learn your lines together with a dialogue coach. Its not like I can answer you questions in Elvish ...

You've filmed three parts of Lord of the Rings in New-Zealand in 15 months, was that hard ?
It was amazing experience being part of such a big production. I had to think really carefully about if I wanted to spent one and a half year at the other side of the earth.

Were you home sick ?
Yes, there have been days, even weeks that I thought I couldn't go on anymore. I was really exhausted and I really missed my fiancée Royston and I wanted to sleep in my own bed again. I went back to New York for a couple of times, otherwise I think I wouldn't have survived.

Was it worth it ?
Absolutely! I loved playing Arwen, she's such a beautiful and caring person.

Will we see you the next 3 years only as Arwen ?
No, I will work on completely other movies the next 3 years.

Are you already working on a new movie ?
Please no! I'm still resting from the last one. At the moment it's still a big mess in my head ...

What have you learned from the last production ?
That you can't get me so easily! This movie was really exhausting but I never sat down and worried about it. I just kept going and that made me strong.

You also had to ride an horse and sword fighting, was that hard ?
That wasn't too hard. The only hard thing to me was wearing all those heavy costumes [laughing]

Can you ride a horse ?
A little bit, but there are a lot of special effects in the movie so sometimes its not me but my double.

Are you ever going to do something really different like singing ?
I love to sing. When I was a little girl I sang all day long. I also had piano lessons. You know what ? At first I didn't even want to become a actress - I wanted to sing. And actually I still prefer singing!

So why don’t you make a single ?
I think that's hard cause my dad is Steven Tyler from Aerosmith and then people will think: 'oh, she has to ride on her fathers success' And that's not something I want

What do you care what they says ?
You're right, I shouldn't care what everybody says. Next year ill go on a world tour! [laughing]

Did you know ...
  • Shes was born July 1st with the name: Liv Rundgren

  • She found out that Steven Tyler from Aerosmith was her dad when she was 9 years old

  • She and her dad have pajama party’s and they talk about there beauty secrets

  • She started to work as a model at the age of 14

  • When she was 16 she played in the Crazy video by Aerosmith together with Alicia Silverstone

  • She made 15 movies including: Stealing Beauty, That Thing You Do!, Inventing the Abbotts, One night at McCool's, and Armageddon
  • Liv's height is 1.78 meters and she's a lot taller than her boyfriend Royston Langdon. "But if I take off my shoes off the different isn't that big"

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