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Liv on the cover of German Glamour
Liv Tyler - Styling tricks

German Glamour, September 2009, Photos by Miguel Reveriego, Translation by Indigovelvet

Our cover-star was born 1977 as daughter of model Bebe Buell and Aerosmith-front man Steven Tyler.
With her 4-year-old son Milo she lives in separation from his father (rock musician Royston Langdon) in New York.
The actress was last seen in the comedy Smother as well as the thriller The Strangers (now on DVD).

No entourage?, is always the first thought when Liv Tyler enters the set of a photo shooting. She arrives alone, introduces herself politely to everyone by name. And just as uncomplicated are the outfits she is wearing at such occasions: a casual dress, leggings, ballerinas.

Comfortable is the highest priority. But I am not going to go about in rags because of that. Leggings and tunic dresses are a good compromise.
"Comfortable and practical, but as an outfit they still look styled," explains the actress. And this is what she looks like in paparazzi photos: as prototype of a city-mom.

The unrestraint transfers to her red carpet wardrobe. She loves loose dresses and blazer or appears in a white cashmere sweater to a knee-long black skirt at a premiere. What's astonishing about it: exactly with this simple styling she has the elegance of a Rita Hayworth. Is a certain poise the requirement for that?
"Definitely.. But it doesn't need much to make me happy: prancing with my son on the bed and to sing is enough.".

There is not more hiding behind the secret of her beauty? After all, with her flawless face she advertises for cosmetics of Givenchy.
"The fact that I'm overwhelmed with beauty-products due to the advertising contract is great, of course.. The financial independence that comes with it is even better. I don't have to accept every role offer just to earn money." Aside from that there is little preventing Liv Tyler from jumping through hoops too much. "A lot of times I was told by agents that I would get more parts if I lost weight. But I don't buy into these standards. The rest of the world considers me slim and I like myself this way.".

But without any fitness it doesn't work out either. To get into shape after the birth of her son, she hired star-trainer David Kirsch. Her statement about it:
"All Hollywood-actresses act as if they would slim down after a pregnancy without any help. Believe me: my way was exhausting, boring and very, very expensive!".

After getting back her bikini-figure, does she have any suggestions for vacation-outfits?
"I just purchased a green bathing suite by Stella McCartney. I only like bathing suites. Nothing is more ridiculous than mothers in bikinis running after their children with everything wobbling around."

Does she hide anything under the bathing suite? After all, her male colleagues of the Lord of the Rings series have tattoos as memories.
"I would never do that. Even the 'Liv' tattoo of at the ankle of my mom is completely wrong to me."

Beauty Tricks
(page 93: the pictures from top-left to bottom-right: )

"I always wear lip-stick. I use the colour as rouge for my cheeks."

"Even red carpet-outfits are allowed to be comfortable. I am not that vain to reduce my wellbeing for superficialities."

"I love hot heels. But only for parties, otherwise I wear flat shoes."

"If I wear a elegant dress, I often get compared to Liz Tyler. That's cool. But honestly: who cares?"

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