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My Stylish Life - Liv Tyler

UK ELLE, September 2009, Scan by Lorna

Liv Tyler, the 32-year-old Hollywood actress on books, bands and her mum and dad's beauty tips

Do you have a style template?
I've learned to dress for my body shape. I feel best about my legs but have a womanly tummy, so I always feel good when I have something a little loose around my stomach and my legs are poking out. My favourite default outfit is Wolford tights or leggings with a cute shift dress. I love dresses by Isabel Marant and Iro, and Stella McCartney heels. I'm also addicted to American Vintage for gorgeous slips and tees.

Who do you go to for the red carpet?
It depends. Stella made my dress for the Met Ball. I love her clothes - they are so elegant and easy to wear. It was fun having something made specifically for me and being able to collaborate on the design. I also love Lanvin. Albert [Elbaz] is a genius. He knows how to cut for women and his fabrics are sensuous.

We've seen you in and out of the gym in LA recently...
I usually work out with David Kirsch in New York and I really miss him now I'm in LA. But I've just discovered Tracey Anderson through Gwyneth [Paltrow]. I'm not working out directly with her, but one of her girls runs a dance class in LA, which I attend three of four times a week. The 90-minute sessions fly by and my body is getting really tight.

Where do you recommend going for a night out in LA?
There's a fun place near me called Cafe Stella where I go to eat. It's a little French bistro on the east side of town. Otherwise, for me it's more about socializing at home, either in the afternoon with everyone swimming or in the evening when my friends and I have dinner parties. I had one recently and made two Jamie Oliver pasta dishes. They were so popular I got texts the next day asking for the recipes.

What about when you're in New York?
New York is very neighbourhoody so you have your favourite little place in your patch - there are some great restaurants on my street [in the West Village]. Bigelow's is one of my favourite shops. It's one of the oldest pharmacies in the US and stocks an amazing range of beauty products.

What's your approach to beauty?
My mother [Bebe Buell] and grandmother were models and took such good care of their skin that I couldn't help but learn from them. I can't go to bed without cleansing, toning and moisturising - no matter how late it is. I use masks a lot, too. Skin Targetters Black For Light Mask by Givenchy brightens up my skin. [Liv is the face of Givenchy's Very Irresistible fragrance and Le Makeup.] My dad [Steve Tyler of Aerosmith] is also full of great beauty advice, like wear your perfume in your belly button and on the soles of your feet so that it becomes part of you.

What advice do friends come to you for?
I'm a good problem solver. I go with my gut instinct on things. For the past year, though, I've been reading self-help books. I've been through a really hard time in my life and have needed other people's wisdom to help me feel OK. I'm also reading The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers. It's beautiful and insightful.

What's on your iPod?
I've been playing Kings of Leon for about seven years. But I'm also listening to Band of Horses, Arcade Fire and MGMT. And I'm obsessed with Gram Parsons at the moment. "Love Hurts" is my favourite track - it's so true.

Finally, what's the most unlikely place we might bump into you?
Naked at the Beverly Hot Springs in LA. It's a traditional Korean bathhouse where you soak in natural hot springs and get scrubbed, massaged and cleansed to within an inch of your life. They even wash your hair. You feel clean and happy afterwards.

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