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Still very irresistible!

French Glamour, September 2009, Scan and translation by Alice

1- Fan of Mondino... without knowing it
"I didn't know Jean-Baptiste Mondino. It was on YouTube that I discovered he was the director of some of my favorite music videos: Madonna, Vanessa Paradis, Neneh Cherry or Brian Ferry, music videos that I loved when I was younger, in the 80s. So I was really happy to work with him. Such thing didn't happen to me in a long time!"

2- The Seine recreated in studio
"We filmed in Paris, but also in a studio! I was driving this beautiful boat, the wheel had been raised for me, in front of a green screen instead of Paris bridges! Then, black and white photos from Paris had been added. I think the result is brilliant."

3- Inspired from Thelma & Louise
"In this second spot for Very Irresistible, I'm playing a free women, mysterious, who is fleeing in the night, and Jean-Baptiste wanted me to drive the boat with a real pleasure. So he told me to think about the final scene of Thelma & Louise where the two heroins jump from a cliff with their car."

4- An outfit for Liv
"We can see me fleeing in the night with sunglasses, with a black leather cape. And suddenly I take off these accessories just to wear this incredible dress, black satin, with a huge back cleavage. This vamp outfit, pretty rock has been specially designed by Riccardo Tisci, Givenchy designer."

5- Fan of "French macaroons"
"The night before the shooting in studio, Jean-Baptiste took me for a boat trip on the Seine. It was awfully cold. Our only comfort: the Ladurée macaroons!"

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