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I'm learning to live again

by Garth Pearce, UK Reveal, October 2009

Following her 'devastating' divorce last year, Hollywood star Liv Tyler has bounced back and insists there's now only one man in her life

After the heartache of her divorce, actress Liv Tyler reveals that she's finally feeling stronger than ever. It was a period that left her 'devastated' when she announced her divorce from British rocker Royston Langdon in May last year. But with two new films set to hit cinemas next year and a new contract with Givenchy, after six successful years as one of the faces of the designer company, life is on the up for Liv.

'Everything is going well,' she says. 'I'm putting together a new life.' Liv is also fitter than ever and she was rumoured earlier this year to have been doing some extra 'work' over a lunch date, kissing her fitness coach David Kirsch. But the 32-year-old Lord Of The Rings star insists the only man in her life is her four-year-old son, Milo, whom she had with Royston.

Liv now has a new life in California, after moving from her New York home with Milo, and says:
'He's a wonderful boy - we spend so much time together.'

Despite her fresh outlook on life now, Liv admits that her marriage split was a hugely painful time of her life.
'These things happen all the time,' she says. 'I just hoped it wouldn't happen to me.' Liv and Royston wed in 2003 and she'd been prepared to put her soaring career on hold to throw herself into her marriage and become a full-time mother to son Milo, now four. But despite virtually quitting the Hollywood rat race, her marriage broke down and Liv admitted that she struggled to cope with the split. She has said in the past: 'You go through a couple of weeks when you think: "Oh, I'm OK, I feel better." Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, it hits you again. 'It also brings up a lot of issues. You might feel like a failure, or like there is something wrong with you. I see a lot of people run away from it, or act like they don't care. 'But if you don't let yourself mourn, it is going to come back and bite you on the ass.'

Fortunately, Liv's frank outlook has helped her to rebuild her life and her career. Having enjoyed a big hit in last year's The Incredible Hulk, Liv will hit the silver screen again next year in The Strangers 2 and Super. But down-to-earth Liv insists she has no desire to live life as a major international star.
'I realised, some years ago, that it wasn't for me,' she says. 'When I worked with Bruce Willis on the film Armageddon, he had three separate trailers and a lot of people who worked for him. 'I thought it was a bit silly. Then I got to know the situation better and realised that Bruce, at the time, spent most of his life on films. 'The entourage were his friends from New Jersey, who knew him when he was a bartender. The fridge was filled with bacon and eggs and they watched sports matches together. 'I came in to this situation, nervous and serious, and realised that it was all to much for me. Huge stars have to live like that.'

She also saw stardom, up close and personal, from an early age. Her mother, Playboy model Bebe Buell, was a former girlfriend of Mick Jagger and Rod Stewart. Her father is Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler, but she was brought up until the age of 10 to think of her dad as rocker Todd Rundgren, who her mother was with at the time.

After Liv launched her acting career when she was 18, in the controversial Stealing Beauty, she was in constant demand.
'I have always had the same approach to fame,' she says. 'It just does not feel real. If my mother or friend tells me that I have talent or that I look pretty to them, then that's special. 'But when I see myself on the cover of a magazine, it looks like a mock-up. All that stuff that was said about a star being born, when I was younger, didn't fool me for a moment. 'That's said all the time, isn't it? It is incredibly flattering, but it's almost a pressure. I feel lucky but also separated from all of that kind of stuff. 'If I didn't feel separated, then there would be a problem. I would be floating in the clouds, not in reality, and I would have been a very unhappy person.'

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