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by Tom Macklin, Executive Editor/Entertainment Editor, ELLE UK blog, March 2010. Photo by Rankin

Who would you most like to see on the cover of ELLE? That's the question we asked recently and you voted online in your thousands for Liv Tyler, making her the perfect cover choice for our March FASHION ISSUE. The Givenchy spokeswoman, actress and fashion icon has been a bit quiet of late, but with two movies in the works and a new campaign under her belt we wanted to be the first to welcome her back. And, Ms Tyler, it was a pleasure ...

Meeting Liv Tyler is unexpectedly refreshing. Having been a permanent Hollywood fixture for the past 16 years, there is something incredibly normal about her. Don't get me wrong, on the surface she is very much the Hollywood starlet, her beauty even more prominent in the flesh. Standing at 5' 10" she is taller than you would think, with blemish free porcelain skin and of course, those lips. Her body shape has famously fluctuated over the years - from skinny, to curvy. But when we meet she is super toned, the result of a dedicated regime, and her presence is felt when she enters the room. However, she is by far one of the more approachable cover stars I have worked with, and certainly one of the least 'starry'. She has the most hypnotic calming voice (I want to take her home, perfect cure for my insomnia).

Our styling inspiration for this cover, our bi-annual FASHION ISSUE, was masculine sexy. Liv's personal day-to-day style is very laid back, slightly boyish even. We wanted to show off her great legs and opted for mini's and shorts, and designs by YSL and Lanvin. To emphasis the masculinity we choose clothing with clean lines and a monochrome colour palette.

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Prior to the shoot we're informed that she had dyed her trademark dark hair blond for new movie Super, which she started filming two days after the shoot in Shreveport, Louisiana. Liv Tyler without her dark hair is a bit like my life without GLEE, just plain wrong, so we were understandably anxious about how it would look. Shoot day finally arrives and lucky for us it turns out the blond is more of a light brown, and we all breath a sigh of relief.

Throughout the day she giggles with the crew and works incredibly hard in front of the camera - she's a total pro and Rankin snaps away trying to keep up. She talks a lot about her 5 year old son Milo, who arrives on set later that day with his nanny - Liv takes a break from shooting to spend a little time with him and talk about his day at school.

I miss the end of the shoot as have to run to a meeting with a top Hollywood agent regarding an Autumn cover, but when I return I find a note on the side which read
'To Tom and his little thumb, it's been a pleasure, lots of love Liv x'. Liv, it was a pleasure too, and I think I love you, just a little bit.