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Liv Tyler, A girl (almost) like us

by Caroline Hamelle, French Grazia, April 2010, scans and translation by Alice

What did you like about being the G-Star new face?
I have always wear their clothes, so it seemed so natural, and I love Anton Corbin's work as a photographer (also director like U2, Depeche Mode or R.E.M video clips). When he asked me to make this campaign, I jumped! I also like the fact that he sees me as a rock and sexy girl. Because I have to say that it is pretty far for me!

You're not really a rock girl in real life?
So far, I was lacking of self-confidence. When we are young, we are always looking for perfection; we are always making crazy plans... But sometimes, things don't happen as we'd like to. One day, it appears at me suddenly and I thought: "What about stopping planning everything?" So for now, I'm following my instinct and I feel stronger, I'm aware of my interior strength and it feels good!

And does this interior strength change things?
I don't feel guilty anymore, I live in the moment and it's a relief. Ok I'm not completely unorganized either, because I have a six years old son and he needs borders.

We see you wearing Isabel Marant, American Vintage and now G-Star. Do you have a crush on European designers?
When I was younger, my mum had a lot of European friends at home. It did influence my choices. So I don't recognize myself in the neat style of American girls. Hair, make-up, clothes: everything is under control, that's not me. I feel closer to European, I love the natural style and I admire them for being chic and casual.

What is your fashion addiction?
Actually, I'm not really an addict... I love clothes that I have bought while travelling, or friend's gifts, but I'm not one of those who needs the last fashion things. The Marc Jacob bag that I have today for example, I bought it six years ago and I'm so not tired of it. There is an item that I can't get off my mind these days, it's a denim shirt, I stole it at G-Star's and wear it all the time!

What is your most valuable fashion item?
A bag that Alexander McQueen gave me. It's a sort of pink bubble with a feather-shape handle and a keys that makes noise when I'm walking. I care a lot about it, but I'm so afraid of damages that it's in its box most of the time.

What was your most fashion moment?
There is not one moment! Most of the time, I'm wearing outfits that I won't be able to find by myself. I remember this premiere when I was wearing a high-waist pant with a blue shirt and a huge hat. This night, Stella came home to pick me up, bringing me this outfit. So I put it on and it just fits me! When I saw the pictures afterwards I thought that this outfit wasn't for me, but I'm not obsessed with red carpets anyway.

How do you handle this ritual?
Before being an actor, I was a model so I'm used to be dressed by other people. And I'm not very picky, since I'm comfortable in clothes, I feel ok. For this kind of events, I tend to relief on designers. I don't want to control my public image. Anyway, there are some many clothes that I can't wear because they don't come in my size!

You don't appear a lot in theaters, but the public loves you, how do you explain that?
Because I'm such a regular girl. In a way, I'm like everybody: in the morning I'm like: "Oh my God! What I am going to wear today?" but it doesn't last as I have to run to the school, sometimes I skip the teeth-cleaning (laughs)

What kind of friends are you with Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney?
I'm the sensitive one, always looking for advice and support. As they are a bit older that I am, I learn from their experience! Plus, we know each other since we are teenagers, so I trust them. They are very cool, I totally admire them.

You don't have an inferiority complex, right?
A bit may be? They rock everywhere: they have wonderful child, handsome husbands, beautiful houses, and they know how to cook... Plus they are working, travelling, and still keeping in touch with friends! For me it's still hard to separate private and public life, but I'm getting better. For 2010 I plan of accepting more invitations. Watch out, I'm back!

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