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Liv's Star

by Sara Hernando, Spanish Harper's Bazaar, April 2010. Scans by Susana, Translation by Fernandaadbs

With more than 20 movies in her career, one marriage, one divorce, one son and one father who's a rockstar, Liv Tyler is a celebrity who follows all the rules. Now, the one who showed up in our screens as a teenage version of Thelma and Louise will be, in this spring, the brilliant image of the jean's brand G-Star. She's not 17 and she doesn't wear size four anymore: "I don't believe that this would be a problem at all", says the actress.

The beauty makes herself bigger

Liv Tyler talks to us about her work for G-Star and how she sees her life after 30. She doesn't deny her date of birth, 1st July 1977, and she didn't surrender to surgeries like many of her colleagues in Hollywood. "What you see is what it really is. This world is really cruel to women. We're forbidden to grow old, but it happens with me every day." says Liv Tyler with her shy smile. While we stare at her, we could think she doesn't need to worry. Her beauty hypnotizes. We could put our hands on fire if necessary to guarantee, without doubts, that her face is heavenly. But it's been already warned to us. Hollywood doesn't forgive time, and since she gave life to Arwen in The Lord Of The Rings, Liv didn't play any main role who deserves to be mentioned. There's a lack of good projects, probably the actress thought, who since this spring came back to her roots as the image of the new campaign of the Dutch brand G-Star. "I started my career as a model when I was only 14, with a work to Interview magazine", remembers the actress, "My mother was a model that time and my grandmother was one too, so, even if I was young, it wasn't a distant world for me. Anyway, it didn't take a long time for me to get tired of that, and then I started my acting career and left the modeling. You know, it's quite funny to feel all that sensations again."

Between those two times? Almost twenty years dedicated to the movies, to her different family and to her son, Milo, who's five.
"People ask me if I don't think it's weird to have so many fathers, brothers and sisters. I tell them that I thank my mother everyday for her decision." Bebe Buell, model and Liv's mom, didn't tell her the real identity of her biological father, the lead singer of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, because of problems that he had with drugs that time, so she told Liv that her real father was the rockstar Todd Rundgren. "Steven's my father. But Todd is a great friend who I love and respect." One surprising picture of father and daughter in the cover of Rolling Stone magazine ended up with all the rumors. "I met my sister Mia accidentally in an Aerosmith concert and I was quite surprised about how we were similar. Since then I started to investigate by myself and I ended finding it out, and my mother didn't know anything about my suspects until then." tells us the actress.

The last name's change, from Rundgren to Tyler was, more than emotional reasons, a marketing campaign. Actually, her whole life looks more like something from the most bizarre movie script. There's everything. Famous fathers (in plural), drugs, rock bands, beauty, dream romances she was Joaquin Phoenix's girlfriend for over three years failed marriage... We asked her if she could define herself as a normal person:
"Of course! The only different thing is that my work is exposed to everyone. Although I could say my life is quite different if I compare it with my colleagues, because I grew up around musicians." Tells Liv, "I remember how my stepfather and my father traveled on tours and recorded albums for months. But then, when they came back home, they were really normal guys. Both lived in the country, around animals and tractors. That became something really normal to me, I suppose that's the lifestyle I chose for me. Work really hard in a movie and then get some time for me, to grow up, reflect, to make my days normal."

And how's a normal day in Liv Tyler's life?
"I suppose it's like everyone else's day, but with paparazzi in my door." She laughs "I get up, I take my son to school, I cook... I'm no superstar!" Since she divorced from the English musician Royston Langdon in 2008, she's living in Los Angeles. "New York is my home, it's the city where I was born and I grew up, so that's really the place where I'm going to live again, even if I'm renting a house in California right now." Explains Liv "It's been a few months and I thought it would be good for me and my son. When I go through difficult times, I like to get away from the life I know and try new things, go through different experiences and see what's behind them. So that's what I did. I don't believe I can live in the West Coast forever, but it's funny to try it for a while."

Wearing a simple shirt, G-Star straight cut jeans and discrete shoes, it wouldn't look like Liv Tyler could be one of the fashion victims.
"As time goes by, I like even more the simple things, without so many ornaments" explains the actress "I love everything that my close friend Stella McCartney does. Her dresses, blazers are made for women like me. Her clothes are comfortable no matter how old you are or the size you wear. The same happens with Albert Elbaz. You'll always be perfect with one of Lanvin's designs." Her height and her large bones weren't something unnoticed and sometimes it cost more displeasure to her. "During my pregnancy I got so much weight, and the tabloids didn't stop to remind me of that. It was awful for me. I took more than a year to get my weight back. It wasn't easy at all." Who thinks that to be beautiful you have to be extremely slim and young? "I don't judge the rest. Anyone has to be pleased with himselves. There's not a beauty parameter for everyone, because I'm not going to say that it's fantastic to be fat, and that you need wrinkles to have personality. All of us want to feel good and I believe it's necessary to have a good alimentation, do exercises and laugh. The rest, we leave for the genetics." Concludes Liv Tyler. But, with a genetic like yours, who would worry about doing something bigger?

How it was done?

Liv Tyler is back in front of the cameras, but this time as a model and the image of the new marketing campaign for the jean's brand G-Star. "If I had to define G-Star I'd use five words: unique, strong, authentic, comfortable and cool. It's an original brand with a great variety of designs who adapt to every single person.", explains the actress.

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