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Liv Tyler, The Hulk's Muse

by Eduardo Graca, Brazilian Contigo! magazine, June 2008. Scans by sophscc, Translation by Fernandaadbs

There was no ring in Liv Tyler's finger, 30 years old, when she entered in the fancy hotel room near Central Park, NY, to talk to journalists from international press. There's a fear of a hard conversation in the air - after all, the rumors that that her marriage with Royston Langdon, 36 years old and lead singer of the band The Quick, was over were all around American newspapers and magazines. Actually, one week after the interview for Contigo!, Milo's parents, 3 years old, announced the divorce.

The personal storm that the beautiful Liv, one of the stars of the new The Incredible Hulk which debuts this Friday, was going through didn't show up in any moment during the interview. In this new movie, which the beginning starts from the end of the first movie, from 2003 - directed by Ang Lee and starred by Eric Bana, Jennifer Connely and Nick Nolte, she's doctor Betty Ross, Bruce Banner's girlfriend, a doctor played by Edward Norton, 38 - famous in Hollywood because of his hard humor (misunderstandings with movie producers about the script, which he assigns along with Zak Penn, 40 years old, only prove his fame of being irascible) -, who searches for the cure for his radioactive anger, in the beginning, in Brazil. Until Betty's father, General Ross (played by William Hurt) decides to hunt him and he goes back to the United States.

Daughter of the rockstar Steven Tyler, 60 years old, Aerosmith's lead singer, and Bebe Buell, 54 years old, one of the first models to pose naked for Playboy Magazine and had affairs with Mick Jagger, 64, and Iggy Pop, 61, among others, Liv only found out who her real father was when she was 11. Three years later, she starred as a model in NY and, about six years later, in a film series which gave her thousands of fans, because of her talent and beauty - how to forget Lucy from Stealing Beauty (1996) or princess Arwen from the trilogy The Lord Of The Rings (2001/2002/2003) With a very good mood, even with the end of her marriage, she told us she was admired with the Brazilian Debora Nascimento, 22, Andreia Bijou from the soap opera Duas Caras (Globo), who's in the movie's cast. Generous, the actress, elected several times as one of the most beautiful faces in the world by the People magazine, said when she found out the journalist was Brazilian:
"I was inside my trailer, I saw her picture (Debora Nascimento) in the movie, and I said to everyone: 'That's a beautiful woman! Gorgeous!' I kept saying that for days."

Wow, your iPod recorder's really nice!
Yeah, it's been a success in Hollywood. I think I'll ask Steve Jobs for some money for the free advertising that me and Contigo! have been doing about it to the celebrities! (Laughing ) You know my father gave me a digital recorder and I still don't know how to use it? I'm still using the old cassette. I love cassettes and I don't care to see everything stacked, with my scribbles. I also love to see a CD in front of me, with that image, that drawing, that tells me what's about. How am I supposed to know what I really want to listen to in MP3 nowadays?

Being daughter of we know who, you've probably went through a phase recording collections of tapes of your favorite bands, right?
Absolutely! I still have some of those mixtapes. There's a lot of Led Zeppelin, Sonic Youth, Iggy Pop, my favorites. Nowadays, I'm obsessed with Gram Parsons, I was already his fan when I was a teenager, but now I like it even more. I also like, I really like Kings of Leon and The Kills. And I love that cool thing, really 70s, from Devendra Banhart. I listen to it in stereos I have in my bathroom and in the kitchen!

A stereo in the bathroom and in the kitchen? That's something of someone who has small children, right?
That's true. I'm always doing something with Milo listening to classic rock, you know? That's why the CD-player is in the bathroom, where I can listen to music and dance in the shower. Milo loves to dance with me! But he has defined tasted already, even being 3 years old! Some days ago, I was listening to Ramones and he asked me to change it immediately (laughs)! That's funny, because he loves Sex Pistols (laughs). And, as you imagine, what I listen to the most are child's stories. He loves it! My dream, the dream of my whole life, was to have a child. I've never had a specific dream about my career, for example.

And you probably lived a different childhood, I imagine...
A really eccentric one, right? Yes! A huge part of it was full of fantasy. Including, having a child. So my experience as a mother was everything I imagined and even more. It's the hardest work in the whole world, but the most rewarding one too. I feel lucky and wonderful to find my little partner in crime (laughs). It's a blessing.

Do you think that the unconventional way you were raised made you a conservative mother?
Well, my life requires flexibility, as you can imagine. But the most important thing for me, today, is to make sure that Milo knows that I'll always be by his side. He's the priority of my life. We live like gypsies, there's a shooting in Toronto, we move to that place for three months. Then we go back to our home, in New York, and then we're back to the world. When Milo sees a trailer in the street, he points to it, excited, and says: that's mommy's house (laughs). I know that's going to change when he's more grown up, but, now, I like to look at him in the eyes and make sure that I'm listening to him. Always.

Would you like to have more kids soon?
I love being a mother, but, you know, Milo has all my devotion now and I'm getting more and more in love with my work. Humm... I've never understood this thing of planning to have children. Pregnancy is a miraculous thing, if it comes, I'll love it.

Did your romantic life change with Milo's arrival?
Yes, of course! There's no much more romance when you have a child. You're so in love with him and at the same time you don't have so much time to sleep or to be with your husband. It's a period of transition, I believe, that the couple goes through. I have a maid twice a week, but I love to cook. I'm the one who wash the dishes and sometimes I put our clothes in the washing machine, and Milo helps me. I'm not saying I'm a Cinderella, but I've never liked to have a lot of people helping me all the time, you know? I like to be the main role of my own life, I like to know that I'm in control.

People say it's hard to raise a kid in New York...
That's because everything's really, really expensive. You need to have some money to live here nowadays with your family. On the other hand, you have the most unbelievable stores in your street, parks and playgrounds in every corner, so it's also very convenient. I try to spend most of my time with him. And I'm lucky: he's an angel! He's not a selfish kid, but he's independent. He's not around me all the time, he likes his privacy. I see other kids saying mommy, mommy all the time and he doesn't. Sometimes, I start to think if it would be better for him to be more dependent (laughs)! Anyway, I'm always traveling, because of the shootings, with Milo. He's always happy, after all, in his age he still has flexible hours.

But you weren't with Edward Norton shooting in Brazil, right?
Don't even remind me of that! Writers have already known me as a boring person, because I was asking them all the time to create a situation so I could go to Brazil (laughs). I even created a sequence, a dream where I'd be lying in Ipanema's beach, in Rio, but for some reason they didn't like it (laughs)! But I have to say something about Brazil...

Aww... Tell us!
It's nothing bad! Actually, it's a good thing! I was completely fascinated with the beauty of the very young actress who's in our movie, she played Bruce Banner's Brazilian friend...

Debora Nascimento?
I can't look at her picture without being stunned. It's insane! Write it down: she's going to be a star. A sensation, from night to day! She's so gorgeous! And in the movie pictures, she's all sweaty, with those lips and those breasts! Guys, this woman is powerful! She has a phenomenal beauty.

But, with all the respect, you're also phenomenal...
No, no! She's phenomenal in another level! I was walking around my trailer, I saw her picture and I couldn't stop thinking: who's this person? And how can it be, in the real world, Bruce Banner would come back to me and leave her in Brazil? No way (laughs)! He should run away with the Brazilian girl!

So you're going to say you don't take any special care with your beauty...
I follow a routine since I was a little girl. I wash my face whenever I can, for example! And my grandmother, my mother and my father are really conceited. To use creams for our body and face and use dental floss after the meals were rules in our house. Every day, I put beauty masks, I have a cabinet full of products I love, but they aren't special anymore, you know? They're routine. And I love to run to keep the ideal weight. I have a personal trainer and I love to work out.

You probably used all of this work out in the movie, right? I saw the trailer and you're running all the time...
It was the movie that most demanded physical conditions through my whole career. The Incredible Hulk is an action movie, with a lot of explosions and hard scenes to do. My make up was 4 a.m every day, and I was thinking, good I'm still 30 (laughs)! And it was so good to find out, after having a child, a new power inside me. It's like I'm stronger now. I used that in the movie too. I have when I see an action movie and the girl is always gorgeous, falling from a helicopter with a perfect hair and impeccable lips. That's not possible, right? In this movie, we abolished that. I'm sweaty, tired and with wobbly legs. And I loved it!

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