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Liv Tyler - 10 style tips

ELLE Spain, November 2009. Scans by Asainova, Translation by Fernandaadbs

The actress reveals her style recipes and the beauty notes that her family taught her.

1. Give your star style. To have a "joker" outfit is the best hurry's ally. Something that will never fail? Tights, high heels and a straight-cut dress.

2. Search for your essence. With my father - Steven Tyler - I've learned that for a fragrance becomes a part of you, you have to use it on your navel and feet.

3. Take care of your skin. Don't ever forget to take out your make up really well. That's my mother's secret to have an impeccable skin.

4. Learn how to benefit. Learn how to get dress according to your curves. Yes, for example, if you've just became a mother, you'll be more favored with clothes which are loose around your belly. Also, don't abdicate emphasizing your legs.

5. "Vintage" beauty. You have to trust in classic recipes. My favorite shop in New York is Bigelow, an old pharmacy which has the best natural cosmetic line in the world.

6. Learn to relax. To disconnect you have to relax in simple things like swimming or staying a whole day home doing nothing. Something classic that never fails? A good massage.

7. Be faithful to one designer. When it's time to reaffirm your look, look for a creator who can adapt to your style. Mine is Stella McCartney, because she makes elegant and comfortable clothes.

8. Rock n' roll spirit. Music is one of the most inspiring ways to cheer your life. Lately, in my iPod, I've been constantly listening to Love Hurts, Gram Parsons.

9. Cook for your friends. Prepare a surprise for your close friends and reunite them around a table. My best pasta recipes I take them from a website, www.jamieoliver.com. A safe way.

10. Find consolation reading. If you're going through a difficult time, put your hands in a self-help book or search for novels like The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, McCullers.

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