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Liv in Eva Ukraine
Life for Tyler

Eva Ukraine, April 2010. Scans by Asainova, Translation by Paul

For a girl who didn't take acting lesson, she's acting wonderfully. Liv acted so real-like that you wouldn't say she hadn't read even a line from Eugene Onegin. But it is so!

Liv Tyler was born in New York, and that means a lot. Her mother Bebe Buell, like her grandmother was a successful model at young age. And successful models must have love affairs with successful rockstars.

By the age of 10, Liv was pretty sure that her dad is rockstar Todd Rundgren. However, doubts still haunted her young heart. And Steven also visited Liv's mom frequently. Besides, resembling between Liv and Steven was getting more obvious with years.
"I asked mom, is that true that Steven is my dad? She answered yes. And we went to a park, talked and cried for 2 hours" - remembers the actress.

At the age of twelve Liv changed her last name into Tyler. Two years later, by insistence of a famous model Polina Poryzhkova, Liv with her mother arrives to New York in order to try herself as a model. Her pretty face gets liked by everyone and almost immediately shines on covers of stylish mags. Shooting of a commercial video made her want to be an actress. After a year Liv becomes a real star, having shot the music video of Aerosmith's Crazy with Alicia Silverstone. This work was a hit on MTV for a long time. And after the girls that starred in the clip went crazy millions of teenagers all across the world.

At the age of 17 Liv debuts in the big screen in the Bruce Beresford movie Silent Fall (1994). And after the release of Bernardo Bertolucci's Stealing Beauty Tyler acquires real actress fame. And that is for sure! Hollywood hadn't seen such a gentle and unique acting before. But Liv still doesn't want to take acting lessons. She is born to be so.

In 1998 Liv starred as daughter of Bruce Willis and lover of Ben Affleck in the hit of that time Armageddon. She was presented with two awards: For the best supporting female role and for... the worst at the same time! Nevertheless it didn't upset Liv at all. Already after a year she got an invitation from Martha Fiennes to play Tatiana in the melodrama Onegin. The film was dedicated to 200 year anniversary of Alexander Sergeevich. But it didn't mean at all that she was going to read even a line from
"... my uncle of all just rules...". Reading, unfortunately, is not her cup of tea.

Despite everything, Liv is ultimately successful. Maybe the secret of her success is not only or as much in her beauty, as in her great taste, inherited, inarguably, not from her dad. Both her mother and grandmother were models and complete aesthetes. Dorothea Johnson, or granny Dora, runs the school of etiquette in Washington. Hence Liv is completely all right about manners and luster. But what is not all right is her weight. For some reason she can't deal with her kilos.
"I feel pressure. I watch what I eat, try to keep balance, although I can't bear the strictest diet all the time, but still. On holidays and vacations I like to cook tasty dishes, eat them with my son Milo and enjoy life. But before work, for three days, I drink juices and eat only vegetables and soup." However, ubiquitous paparazzi always catch Liv "relaxing", and press always gives the information that she is waiting for her next baby. Changes of her shape, after all, don't distress the actress in her business career.

After Audrey Hepburn in 2003, Liv becomes the face of Givenchy. She promotes the production of this trademark from native New York to Dubai. Along with all this, Liv leads charity actions. Very lately, she put on auction her dress, made exclusively for her by Stella McCartney to help Haiti. Its initial cost was $1000, but it eventually sold to a Swiss businessman for his wife at $15000.

Despite her star status and her fame, Liv is known by her "down to earth" attitude, charm and kindness. The word "arrogance" doesn't exist in her lexicon. And not in the ones' who ever dealt with her. And, except indifference to literature, she has only one drawback admitted by herself. She likes tall, skinny guys with messy hair. Perhaps, the ones that his famous father was once like.

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