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Interview with Ursin DeRoche, Liv's guitar teacher for The Ledge

by Lovely Liv Tyler Website, June 2010. Photos by Ursin DeRoche

Ursin DeRoche, Liv's guitar teacher for her new movie The Ledge, answered our questions regarding his experience with Liv.

Liv's character for her new movie The Ledge plays an original composition on an electric guitar. In order to master the guitar piece, Liv needed a personal guitar instructor. The man for the job was no other than guitar genius Ursin DeRoche, a famous guitar player from jazz band Animal Behavior and guitar tutor at Zeagler's Music. Following this interview at 225BatonRouge.com, Ursin offered to answer our questions regarding his experience with Liv. Since we are a curious bunch, we sent him no less than 11 questions! He was very kind, and answered all of the them in a matter of hours.

Did you write the composition for the movie yourself?
Not to give too much away of course, but the piece is fairly well known. It was arranged for solo guitar by someone whose name slips my mind right now. He did an outstanding job. I was given the music he had written and my job was to teach it to Liv. She had already been preparing, and I'd say she was about 50% of the way there on it by the time I got involved with the project. It came out very well. I was more than happy with what we accomplished.

How long is the composition and does it include singing?
I would say it's roughly 3 minutes. No singing, just guitar. Very nice and atmospheric. I'm sure all of her fans will enjoy it.

How did you find the experience of teaching Liv?
Oh, gosh, Liv was absolutely amazing! Just a wonderful person. Very fun to be around. But also, very serious when it comes to her art. She takes this stuff very seriously as you can imagine. So we worked very hard on getting everything 100% correct. She didn't want to fake it. She has a very serious work ethic. I had a tremendous time working with her and I gained a lot of respect for her as an artist and performer. She deserves all of the fame she has achieved. She is a very hard worker and very committed to her craft.

Do you know if Liv owns a guitar?
Oh yes, Liv owns a few guitars from what I understand. She had one that she was traveling with and a small amp. But she didn't have a cable, you know, to plug the guitar into the amp. She liked a purple one that I had and so I let her use it and I never got it back! Liv, please send the purple cable back!!!

Do you know if Liv plays any other instruments, and does she intend to keep on training her guitar skills?
I don't believe she plays any other instruments although she did mention experimenting with the bass in her younger days. She should definitely continue with guitar! Plus, she has a great singing voice. She is extremely talented. But you know, her modeling and acting keeps her very busy I'm sure so guitar may have to wait!

Did Liv particularly enjoy mastering any contemporary/classic songs on the guitar, and if so could you name a few of them?
She did ask me to show her some songs by Neil Young and Graham Parsons. Liv is very normal. She doesn't sit around and listen to Aerosmith all the time! That wouldn't be very normal now would it? I can't recall off hand what these songs were but she was very interested in a lot of singer/songwriter type music. All very good. She has great taste... of course!

Do you have any other photos with Liv that you can share with us?
Sadly no. But cameras seemed to be going off everywhere. I'm sure other photos will surface.

Did you get to view any footage from The Ledge?
Well, of course I was on the set quite a bit and saw some scenes being filmed. The cast is simply amazing. Just a lot of great actors. From what I saw, I know the acting is top notch. I suspect it will be a very enjoyable film.

Do you think Liv will be able to replace her dad and/or Joe Perry in Aerosmith?
Ha! Not quite yet I'm afraid! But I'm always available to step in if Joe needs to take a break! What an amazing band. I was hugely influenced by their older material from the 70's and I've seen them live on a couple of occasions. They are still killing it.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself? For example, are you working on any other projects at the moment, and where can we catch you at any shows or performances?
Wow, so many things are happening right now. I'm currently taking some lessons from Pebber Brown who is just an amazing musician and someone I really admire (www.pbguitarstudio.com). Because, you know, I always want to keep learning. I never want to stop trying to achieve greater things on the instrument. I love guitar and I love music. Understanding it is a lifelong journey. Also, teaching my own students keeps me very busy. On top of that, I have had some really cool offers come my way and we will see what happens. I would like to record a rock album, get it out to the fans, and hit the road because playing live is just the best. Hopefully, everyone can keep up with me on Facebook and MySpace. I am also in the process of launching www.ursinderoche.com which is still being constructed, so, that will be another way for fans to keep up with what I'm doing. I hope to see you all very soon!

And finally, after graduating the Ursin DeRoche Shred Academy, did Liv's shredding skills improve?
Liv is definitely on her way to being an excellent guitar player. I hope she sticks with it!