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Simple things by Liv Tyler

ELLE Russia, June 2010. Translation by Roksana

In an exclusive interview for Russian Elle, actress and Givenchy's muse Liv Tyler spoke about secrets of taking care of oneself, how she spends evenings and why she likes Parisian's traffic jams.

Liv Tyler's excellent manners are neither a myth nor an effect of PR strategy. Rarely do we meet stars so hospitable and not at all capricious. It's been a few hours as she patiently speaks with journalists on the telephone from Givenchy's Parisian office. Meanwhile, in a hotel room, son Milo, two best friends and a hot bath are waiting. But Liv shows no sign of dreaming about meeting her loved ones. "Oh come on – she says with unbelievably soft voice – when I start talking, it is really hard to stop me." And that's what we'll take advantage of.

Elle: How do you usually spend evenings when you don't have to speak with tens of curious journalists?
Liv Tyler: I'm a home-lover. My favorite scenario for an evening is to lay my son to sleep and take a long bath. Necessarily with an interesting book and Givenchy's black mask on my face. I'm a complete freak when it comes to face's cleaning.

Elle: Doesn't it happen that after a party or a premiere you are too tired to take your make-up off?
Liv Tyler: Some time ago I could count on the fingers of one hand how many times such situation occurred. But this year it has happened three times already. Don't be surprised, I'm counting to prevent this from becoming a habit. Afterwards in the morning I almost beg my skin for forgiveness. And, of course, I begin to clean and moisturize it more forcefully than usually.

Elle: Such care brings effects. You can't deny that your flawless skin is the object of envy of millions of women.
Liv: Thank you. It means that I don't waste so much time taking care of myself in vain. I don't have enough of such a regular morning-evening program: cleaning-tonizing-moisturizing. In a daytime I obligatory use moisturizing spray, on the set I put an eyelid cream every three, four hours. I've just finished working on two projects (the first – the comedy Super, the second – very interesting – The Ledge – I won't speak about it yet). Modern cameras – that's a big deal. You take a look at your reflection in the mirror and you're quite content with yourself, and then, after half an hour, you see a filmed scene and you're horrified: every skin pore is visible! Technology development is the many actresses' worry.

Elle: Are you required, on the base of your contract with Givenchy, to always look stunning?
Liv: My only obligation for Givenchy is to stay healthy and take care of myself. No one demands a cosmetic freak who every five minutes ostentatiously applies next layer of the thing one is advertising.

Elle: Givenchy is French in every aspect. Is there anything French in you, American?
Liv: Just some time ago I told my friends that I don't ever get bored in Parisian traffic jams. I can spend hours observing Parisian women through car window. Their mixture of simplicity and chic drives me crazy. Parisian women can look like , without exaggeration. So different from women in Los Angeles with their heavy suntan, acrylic nails and hair dyed blond.

Elle: Could you call yourself a minimalist in make-up? What do you usually use?
Liv: I'm closer to this French style, when you look pretty but nobody can say if there's make-up on your face. My favorites are light structured cosmetics giving very natural effect. Even mascara I use only after soaking it with the use of tissue for greater natural effect.

Elle: How did you react when you found out that Givenchy art-director Nicolas Degennes dedicated summer make –up collection to you?
Liv: When I found out that it was the trip we had last year to Mauritius that inspired Nicolas I felt really touched. It was so nice! We laughed, sunbathed, drank champagne and swam in a swimming pool. I remember us having the photo shoot on the nearby island. It all went excellent, but together with low tide we got trapped on that island and couldn't get back to Mauritius. The storm started and we all had to hide in a collapsing hut, saving ourselves with the bottle of rum and anecdotes. And now all of those new Givenchy cosmetics remind me of that trip. I taka a glance at eye shadows Le Prisme or Island Lagoon and I see: so little is needed for happiness.