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Dress code by Liv Tyler

by Isabelle Girard and Marion Louis, Madame Le Figaro, September 2010. Photos by Marcus Mam. Scans by Sophie. Translation by Alice.


Pale worthy of Noh theater, large red mouth red, blue eyes, muscular body of a girl who spent her youth in Maine to play boy games, languorous and broken voice like Audrey Hepburn in the early morning after a hangover, in Breakfast at Tiffany's,. Here is Liv Tyler :Givenchy from head to the toes, like a second skin. "During my first fashion show, I was dressed as Audrey Hepburn, with a pearl necklace, a little black dress and a jacket with tightly-fitting skirts. I think that's why Givenchy has thought of me to be one of his muses. I like this brand fresh, couture, stylish and accessible. At Givenchy, they liked my cool side."

A model mother, friend of Mick Jagger and Elvis Costello. A rocker father, Aerosmith's iconic leader, whom she learned the identity at the age of 12. Another rocker father who raised her, Todd Rundgren. An Education which comes from backstage concerts. Appearances in Aerosmith videos. Elf romantic in the Lord of the Rings, Lolita in Stealing Beauty, delicious nurse in Lonesome Jim, cell biologist crazy in The Incredible Hulk, Liv Tyler goes where the wind pushes her with the carelessness and flair of the nomads. The birth of her son Milo allows her to perfect this bohemian look. The press is full of interviews where she talks about comfy pajamas from Shanghai Tang (the only ones capable of warming her when she finds herself alone in a hotel room) or the comfort of her size 43 slippers (which she bought in New Zealand), and shots where she is seen with UGG boots, long skirts and high-tech stroller walking down the streets of Greenwich Village and attend all organic shops down the block.

"My grandmother taught me to take care of myself and feed me well. She sends packets of raspberry vitamin C, which I put in a bottle of Evian. Sometimes I drink 5 liters per day. I eat lots of brown rice, seeds, fruits and vegetables. My guilty pleasure is the chicken broth with a little ginger and coconut milk." While saying this, she is testing the texture of blushes while Nicolas Degennes, artistic director of Givenchy makeup, officiating: "I love the smell and texture of the powders. I love the taste of lip gloss. I think I have cosmetics under my skin. My grandmother again. She is from the time when women began to powder with large tassels of feathers that had the colors of candy."

Liv is ready. Purple Eyelids, raspberry lips, pink of the woods blush on the cheeks. She looks in the mirror ...
"Thank you. I look fabulous." She tries on clothes, white linen shirt, shorts, big beige cashmere sweater, a hat. On his walkman: Melody Nelson, by Gainsbourg. Liv swallows a large glass of herb juice, takes two strawberries. She is ready to shoot. Before she rushes to the terrace at Le Mirador, which looks down on Lake Leman, and looks to pass the only cloud in the day, which can not even hide his eyes to blue.

My easy-to-wear trench coat
Timeless, always elegant, ideal for mid-season. For the last fine days, the skin also needs a treatment that protects everything from UV, pollution, stains, moods of the weather.
- A few drops of serum Vax'In Givenchy ... and every years slide on you. This waterproof invisible base based on the work of Professor Rattan, aging specialist in Denmark. He has demonstrated that repeated microstresses stimulate the self-defense proteins of the skin so to make it stronger. Thus, it will age more slowly, despite the storms of life.
- The Time Technology Esthederm cream uses velvet to ensure your cells give you good tan all day long.

My timeless basics
There are basics that we can not avoid ... And it starts with moisturisers, from the lightest to the most covering.
- The white shirt: light, elegant, it goes with everything and never irritate the skin like... moisturizing cream sorbet Caudalie. Its assets vine protect and reduce skin sensitivity.
- The cotton T-shirt: fresh, clean everything like ... Biotherm Aquasource Skin Perfection. In a pot, a plankton concentrate equivalent to 5000 liters of water more than 35 million spa Perfecting microspheres to beautify the skin.
- The Gore-Tex sweat: it absorbs moisture like ... the Day Care Moisturizer Anti-imperfection Tri-Activ, Normaderm Vichy, which avoid the excess sebum and tightens pores.
- The fleece jacket: so hot and so practical as ... Very Rich Hydrating Cream at Sephora or Nutrizone Guinot, the comfort of dry skin or retrench.

My lingerie
Over the years, the skin needs a sharper shopping to become a diva, like those serums that are slipped under his care to boost its effectiveness.
The corset lace: made of honey and royal jelly, the best healing of the world, milky serum and evanescent scratches of the skin. Bee Royal Serum Guerlain.
Top silk: the quintessence of the Golden Flower of the Himalayas, plant fetish of traditional medicine in Ladakh, Fort detoxifying power. By cleaning the cells of all toxic waste, it resets their vitality. Sublimage Essence of Chanel.
The second skin jacket: three drops twice a day for twelve weeks, you get a wrinkle reduction equivalent to 63% of laser treatment, without the disadvantages. Clinique Repairwear Laserfocus.
The push-up body: it stimulates the face's muscles and the microcirculation to wake up the brightness and tone. Radiance Lift Concentrate, Kanebo.

My floral dress
With it, one looks like a little girl. Too colorful and too light for the season? No. You wear it with a sweater. Same with the serum extract Divine L'Occitane, highly concentrated biological immortality, myrtle, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C ... A sip of this concentrated anti-aging cream in its yellow sun and feel happy to youngest.

My swimsuit competition
As soon as we put it, we feel like being the queen of the sirens, you want to dive, swim ... Youth With Expert Phytomer are the stem cells of the skin regain their vitality and wriggle again, without s exhaust provided. This treatment helps repel Cousteau wrinkles from the inside with a complex of brown algae. According to tests, it would save up to eight years of apparent youth ...

My jeans Stretch
The one which lifts the buttocks, and refines hips and the stomach loosely around. Side face, the focus is on Global Firming Serum Sisle˙a Sisley, which fight on all fronts release. An iron fist in a glove muslin.

My favorite cashmere
You need one, soft, warm that does not stretch, that flatters the skin and where you always feel beautiful and good. In version cream, it would be ... The quality of seven sons: Capital Lights Clarins, so comfy you almost forget all his science, it's plants clean up cells groom, kill proteins, refix collagen, refresh the skin... The mirror can remember. For the pashiman effect: Radical Firmness by Jeanne Piaubert, creamy and soft but relentless against landslides.

"Every morning, a large glass of water and lemon juice."
"A shower that I ended with a freezing spray, especially on my hair. Sometimes a hot bath with essential oils of eucalyptus, lavender or roses."
"I drink at least 2 liters of green tea per day."
"By midday, I have a glass of almond milk with banana, blueberries and flax seed oil."
"I love the Givenchy Spa and Care for Ultimate Renaissance Black face, black algae concentrate."
"Every day I make a half-hour of stretching and abdominal muscles."
"I spend a lot of time with my son Milo. "
"I go to bed early."

A clear gel without water over, plus a moisturizer that brought one over the other, produce a biological Microcurrent ... This is the most amazing creation of school.
His name: e.pulse Sublime Energy.
The stylist: Roc.
The idea: its technology-based positive ions and negative electricity has reproduced naturally in the skin to stimulate cell regeneration, boost production of collagen and elastin, boost the brightness ... it is safe.
The parade takes place in pharmacy after five years of research, ten patents, two years of clinical studies and tests on over a thousand models not always top.

Sleeping naked? Not all the time. Especially after 40 years. As the cells work during might, they are covered with formulas hyperactive yet sensual. Each in its way ...
Suggestive as a transparent negligee: Regenerating Serum Wrinkle Night Far Orlane. Based on recent work in chronobiology, he fixes whatever needs to be between 23 am and 4:00 am.
Voluptuous as satin nightie : Cream Dior Capture Totale Night, which corrects all signs of age.
Snug as a flannel shirt: Night Cream Sublime Redensifying Excellency the Age of Decleor. Creamy and rich in essential oils, it provides more power, comfort and serenity.

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