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Liv on German Jolie
Live and let Liv

by Katrin Parmentier, German Jolie Magazine, January 2011. Photos by Rankin. Translation by Mona and Philip Hartmann.

No, she doesn't have a career plan. Because there are completely different things that make Liv Tyler happy.

It is very well possible Liv Tyler's surge for home,hot meals and lots of girlfriends is coming from parental roots. Her mother, full time babe and starlet Bebe Buell, groupie queen of the New York rock scene in the 70's, travelled from rock show to backstage parties, from the guitarist's couch to the drummer's bedroom - and off to the next tourbus. On the road she met Aerosmith's singer Steven Tyler, who became Liv's father. In fact, musician Todd Rundgren played this role until Liv finally learned the truth when she was 11. At least then Liv got the chance to experience a bit of an healthy world. Weaether it was a bad consience or a kind of Rock'n'Roll overdose, Bebe Buell found a new mission in 1986: "To take care of Liv full time and to become a good mother." And when mama Buell does something, then she does it %150!

So a house was bought in rural Maine and was declared right away to a "big, happy, loud place". Bebe turned on the stereo, and little Liv, yet fitted out with a side parting and loose swinging dresses, danced with friends all over the place, until there was lunch for everyone. Roast, sweet potatoes and applepie included.
"For me that was heaven!".

For five years she got to be the countrygirl, then, in 1991, model life began. She was featured in music videos, commercials, the flokati-world of Dylan Songs and cake fights was over. No wonder that a rockstar's child creates her own healthy world, as harmonious as possible. Anyone who is having a rolling-stone playmate for mother and a crazy Mick Jagger-double as father will probably become an accountant, a computer scientist - or Lovely, just like Liv. In America you call it "homebody", who stays at home, has children, takes care of them and prefarably grows things in the garden.

Big career, stage and spotlights? Not necessarely. Her penthouse in an apartment block in SoHo, New York, is therefore some kind of a "big nest" (direct quote Kate Moss) for friends from all over the world. And those friends aren't named Silke or Susi, but Stella McCartney, Kate Hudson, Eva Mendes, Cameron Diaz, Helena Christensen- and La Moss. Liv's neighbors are Courtney Love and, since recently, Alicia Keys and her newborn son Egypt. Liv is simply a girl's girl.
"I like having women around me, we laugh, squeak, stuff ourselves and open the trouser botton when we're nearly bursting." Men have no place there. After a few bottles of "Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon" it is being clarified "which, boys are particularly kiss-worthy at the moment, who's new on the market, who with whom and anyway...".

When we wanted to know "With which star would you like to be friends with best?" in a Jolie questionnaire, the lovely Liv landed in first place. The reasons? "She seems to be so warm and nice", "has no affectations", "I just can't find any flaws in her" and "She looks as if she's constantly taking care that everybody is doing fine." That's what you call to hit the nail on the head! "At Liv's I always find a sofa, a piece of cake and a dam'n good friend to hear me out!" says Cameron Diaz, who from time to time stands infront of her door with changing men trouble.

Liv, however, in the case of boyfriends, prefers brain over look. Her ex-husband Royston Langdon was neither superstar, nor super handsome. Divorced in 2008, son Milo, 6, stays with her. And until now, nobody else. Except for... well, during the New York Fashion Week in September, you saw the 33-year-old accompanied by 20-year-old norwegian chess genius Magnus Carlsen. Him in a blazer and denim shirt, her with middle parting, thick eye liner and a sleeveless denim vest. Matching clothes, or what? And anyway: Why not talking with an elf about chess problems for few nights? Could be as well be talking about fashion. Carlsen is modelling for G-Star since recently, and - please have a guess - Liv is face for G-Star Raw. Regards to Demi and Ashton...

But: till now Mister Tyler, Milo, stays the only man in the house. And he decorated the family's secondary residence, a townhouse in Greenwhich Village, with skulls and spider webs and strolled with Mom around the houses on Halloween: Liv as spiky-eared Catwoman, Milo as tomato-colored monster thingy with ugg boots on his feet. They tricked or treated - each as requested. And because New York's winter can become terribly cold, there was, besides warm sheep skin boots, one of Liv's soup parties a few weeks later. With: Stella and both Kates, Moss and Hudson. The pumpkin soup with lots of love and ginger was made by Helena Christensen.
"She is the best soup maker I know". praises Liv.

Pyjama-parties, chimney evenings and a pound of best friends seem to be a lot more important to Liv than her career. Well, now and then there is some fantasy, a horror flick, modelling for Givenchy, playing in music videos - but real acting challenges are rare. "Yes, that's true" says Liv, as peaceful as always, "I just love to simply live my life. Browsing on markets, going for a walk, teasing Milo and fooling around. No, I don't have a career plan." She laughs. And she can. She has three new movies in the making: she shot Super, an action comedy about a not quite heroic superhero, with Ellen Page and Kevin Bacon. Following the Thriller The Ledge with the attractive Charlie Hunnam as well as the widower drama Max Rose with comedy legend Jerry Lewis.

But Liv should be booking a fligh to New Zealand in 2011 again: the filming of The Hobbit, the prequel to The Lord of the Rings. Allegedly to be on in it again: Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn and Liv as the elf Arwen. Who is excited:
"Those were the best shootings day ever with Peter Jackson. We were a real gang." And one thing is certain: More than a bit of a gang-feeling and domestic happiness is not needed to give Liv Tyler "wings".

Friends for life
Liv and Kate Hudson know each other from schooldays on - their sons are of about the same age.

1.Side by side:
Who the f. is Royston?, who is Chris Robinson? Friendship between Liv Tyler, Kate Hudson and Stella McCartney is lasting beyond a lots of menfolk.

2." And then he said"..
Cameron Diaz, too is discussing boy-things with Liv.

3.Obligational social visit:
Whenever Kate Moss is in NY she and Liv go out; here in a charity-event

4.Hello darling!
Liv and Kate Bosworth meet by chance at lunch.

5. Family ties
Half-sisters Liv and Mia are very close

6. Motherly pride
"She is the best I ever accomplished" says Bebe Buell about her daughter.

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