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Liv or let die

Frank Unger,In-side magazine, Issue 6, June 2001

As a teenager Liv Tyler found out that her father wasn't really her father. Her mother had kept secret that Liv was a result of an affair with one of the world's largest rock artists, the vocalist in Aerosmith, Steven Tyler. From that day nothing would be like it used to be for the little dark-haired girl from Maine.

"Hey, I'm Liv, so nice to meet you." The light voice doesn't really fit to the black giant with sunglasses that stare down at me. The giant moves, and behind him stands a dark-haired woman with pale skin and cheeks so red that I for a moment believe that Snowwhite do exist. I had planned carefully how to start the interview with a little "icebreaker", but her bodyguard really scared me. All I could say was "Thanks!".

The beautiful and horrible incident takes place in a suite on "Four Seasons Hotel" in Los Angeles where I have 20 minutes alone with the beautiful actress to talk about her newest movie "One Night at McCool's", a black comedy with Matt Dillon and John Goodman on the set. Because of all the limousines, bodyguards and dark sunglasses you'd think a top secret political meeting between Bill Clinton and Saddam Hussein were taking place. In Hollywood they take good care of the most precious they have: the actors and actresses. Twenty minutes… the timer is ticking - you may start the interview!

In the movie you play Jewel, a beautiful and super sexy femme fatale that seduce, steal and even kill to get what she wants. How is it to watch yourself play a woman like that?
- "I went to a cinema last week with my father, Steven, to watch Traffic, because we knew that they would show a trailer for "One Night at McCool’s" there. When they showed the scene with the car wash, (a wet and beautiful Jewel wash a car so that we get orgasms, red.) I wanted to hide, I was so ashamed. It just wasn't me. It looked like something from Playboy Channel. Jewel is simply everything that I'm not. But we laughed a lot. It was great to play in a comedy since I've always played serious parts."

Liv Tyler drink some orange juice and lean towards me: "How do you take notes? I've always wondered how journalists gets time to write down everything at the same time as they listen and look into your eyes."I answer that it's all about routines. I know she doesn't believe me. "Isn't it hot in here?"she take off her black cardigan and reveal a red tank top. She smells like a woman. The smell is heavy and sexy. She look like a woman too, with shapes and curves. She is not a bony model.

The 23 year old actress is obviously a different person from when she at the age of 16 became world-famous as a naughty schoolgirl driving across the USA with Alicia Silverstone in the Aerosmith video "Crazy". After that she starred in movies like "Stealing Beauty", "U-turn", "Armageddon" and "Dr. T and the Women". In her first movies she played young, vulnerable girls that men fell completely for.
"I was just a girl then. The last coupple of years I've become more mature, I've become a woman. I've even become a bit domestic."she says with a happy voice."I love to cook. I cook all the time. Even when I have to get up at 4 in the morning and come home late in the evening. Roy thinks it's cool."

The Roy she speaks of is Tyler's boyfriend, Royston Langdon, bassist and singer in "Spacehog", a rock band. They met three years ago, after Tyler had split with her former boyfriend, Joaquin Phoenix ("Gladiator", "Quills"). Actually Roy is more than just her boyfriend: "We got engaged last week. Nothing big happened, no big party or anything. Roy just called my father and asked for his permission to propose to me. That was just so romantic!"

When you talk about your life, it sounds like a perfect fairytale. How was your childhood and your years as a teenager?
"I grew up with my mother and had a secure and happy childhood. But then I found out that my father, Todd Rundgren, which I didn't live with, wasn't my real father. Steven came and visited us a lot, and I noticed that his daughter, Mia, looked a lot like me. Later my mother told me that Steven was my biological father. It was strange."

Even though both her fathers are artists with a reputation of living a wild and tough rockstar life, Liv has never had the taste for that lifestyle:"I think I'm very responsible and down-to-earth because I've seen what my parents have been going through. I don't need that in my life. I've never been self-destructive or experienced any rebellious periods. My life and my health is so important to me. I don't achieve anything by hanging out with strangers the whole night. I'd rather stay at home reading a good book, or go to the cinema with Roy."

Even though Liv try to live a quiet and peaceful life in New York, far away from Hollywood and it's scandals, she hasn't really managed avoid the media completely. About three years ago, during the production of "Armageddon", there were rumours of an affair between Liv and Bruce Willis, which played her father in that movie. Liv admits that she visited him on his ranch in Idaho,"but it was with 15 other friends. We were going to watch a Super-Bowl match on tv,". "The Bruce Willis incident have given me a totally new view on these magazines. I love to read gossip magazines, but I don't believe them anymore. I hate that they take a part of an answer and put it on the front cover, without any meaning. What about the rest?" Liv Tyler watch my notebook and point at it."I bet you're writing down little parts of what I've said, twist on them and quote me for something I've never said,"she says, and smile so beautiful and adorable that I can understand if Bruce Willis ever had an affair with her.

I could have written something like: Liv Tyler says: "I look like a pornstar". Ok, I forget all about it when Tyler talks about some paparazzi photos that an English magazine published, where she and her boyfriend were walking around on the beach.
"On one of the pictures, Roy lift me up in the water, so that my behind point out, my legs are spread, and his head is 10 cm away. Those pictures are so embarrassing! I look like a porn star."

My personal timer tells me that I have no more than maybe 5 minutes left, and I plan to fire off some more questions, like who's her favorite designer, what she thinks of her father's abuse of heroin, if she voted for Bill Clinton or George W. Bush, when she lost her virginity, and if Joaquin Phoenix is a great lover. But then a woman that looks very much like Hillary Clinton enters the room and announce: "Your time is gone, thank you, we have to move on, sorry.". I'm just about to tell her that I have some important questions left when the giant with black sunglasses get up quickly. Ok, time is up. Quick, a funny comment that she will remember me for… "Yeah, thanks!"

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