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My son isn't a model

by Hauke Herffs, German Gala Magazine, December 2010. Translation by Philip Hartmann and Mona.

Single-mom Liv Tyler about kids, fashion and the latest love rumors

It's terribly cold in Paris and it's snowing. Nevertheless Tyler has only thrown a thin blanket over her elegant black dress. That's how the 33-year-old is standing on the balcony of the "Tokyo Art Club". "Wow" she sighs and means the Eiffel tower, bright and shining and towering seemingly almost within reach in the nightly sky. The US actress, face of the French fashion and cosmetics brand Givenchy, is in France to present her new fragrance. The interview with Gala takes place after the presentation. Let's better get inside ...

You travel a lot to Paris...
...but the city has never enchanted me like this before. It's gorgeous! And this time I'm staying a few days longer.

How do you cope with having your five-year-old son Milo, whom you're raising on your own, with you during all the traveling?
If it's a longer trip, like now, then he comes with me. He's not going to school yet, that's why it's possible. But when I'm flying for example to China, for only a couple of days, he stays at home in New York. Otherwise it would be too stressful for him.

Professionally, you're holding back a bit. Your last movie was The Incredible Hulk in 2008...
You're right. You know, I started to work as a model when I was 13, now I'm 33 and I don't feel this restlessness inside of me anymore, to get everything right and to please everybody. I had to learn to say no. When you're young, you want to be this good girl and to fulfill everyone's expectations.

Many Star's children- for example Gwen Stefani's and Katie Holmes'- already look like little models. What do you think that?
I don't style Milo. He's a little boy and he doesn't care about stuff like that. In case of stylish tight jeans he would refuse to wear them anyway. He likes comfortable things, like his pyjama's, for instance. He'd love to wear them all day. On the weekend he always asks me: 'Mommy, do I have to take it off?'

Is Milo the only male in your life who makes you happy?
Sorry, but that's secret.

It's not a secret though, that in the recent months the arts dealer Vito Schnabel, as well as your fellow actor Charlie Hunnam and fitness guru David Kirsch, have been dealt as your partners...
David Kirsch? But he's gay! Oh- I don't know if I was supposed to say that... To answer your question: Milo is not the only man in my life. But he's the most important to me.

He will be turning six next week. How are you going to celebrate?
My son is an adventurer, he wants a huge party, at "Jekyll and Hyde" Restaurant, which is right around the corner from us in New York. He's crazy about this place!

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