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Today I'm more easy on myself than when I was 20

by Nina Dvoracek, Krone.at, December 19th 2010. Translation by IbeMusic and Philip Hartmann.

Krone met Hollywoodstar Liv Tyler for a very personal exclusive interview about movie kisses, ballet classes via Skype and about getting older. A conversation that shows even really big stars are only human beings. And: Liv now fond of Mozart chocolate!

for Liv Tyler, mostly known as the Elven princess from the Lord of the Rings triology, most people talk about only in superlatives. She is often called the most beautiful woman in the world, goddess, magical. She will become a legend like Audrey Hepburn, a graceful beauty. Her life fits this perfect image. despite being daughter of Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, her life is absolutely free of scandals. Even her split from the father of her son Milo, two years ago, was kept out of the public eye.

Caught with a cigarette

At the presentation of the new fragrance from Givenchy "Very Irresistible Givenchy L'Intense" (can be purchased from April 2011) where Liv is the presenter, I had the charming opportunity to make an interview with the Hollywood star in the luxurious Paris hotel George V. When I let into Liv's room, she rushed by with a cigarette in her hand. When she saw me she smiled, almost a little embarrassed: "oh my God, and I have a cigarette in my hand. I will be back in a moment. I just have to make a quick visit to the bathroom" Then she appears. may shows is right word ... in all simplicity, almost without makeup, only some mascara and subtle applied rouge. She doesn't need anything more. Her outfit is simple, but not boring; a Norwegian pullover combined with a black folded miniskirt. When she sits down she automatically pulls out a Lip balm (good girl: from Givenchy) and maintains her trademark.

Because my mom taught me good manners I brought Liv a box of Mozart chocolate. She is obviously pleased:
"Mmm, delicious, I'll try one right now".. She takes a bite and enjoys it audibly and says her son Milo (6), who is with her on this trip to Paris, will love it as well. And so we arrive at the first question:

Krone: Is it hard to be a single parent?
To be a mom by itself is hard enough. It is difficult, yes, sometimes more, sometimes less. Every mother knows that. The daily routine: he wakes up at six in the morning and wants to chat with me right away. And then I have to make him and myself ready, and make his lunch box and to get him to school in time. I have so much respect for all mothers, and it shows me what my own mother has been through.

Do you do everything by yourself?
No, I have a lots of help: Oh I think I will eat them (Mozarts) later. (yes, even Hollywood stars can't eat and talk at the same time) And Milo has a wonderful father who spends a lots of time with him.

How does it feel to read all these superlatives used to describe you, like Goddess, most beautiful woman in the world, enchanting and so on? Is it great or does it feel like a pressure?
I rarely look at those comments because they can also be mean. I also rarely read Magazines. There are so many stories that are completely invented. But how does it feel? It often feels as if they are not talking about me.

Your famous for your trademark lips. With whom did you have the best movie kiss?
Its funny, I can hardly remember. It is just a technical thing. Only once, ages ago, I totally forgot where I was. A little innocent moment from which I got woke up and said: "what do I do now?"

Which things can you not resist?
Chocolate like this (laughs). No, seriously, it is those small, special moments in life, a short galance, a moment with a person, a song.

What beauty tips would you give your 20 years old self?
I was healthier at 20 than now.

Did you smoke back then?
I guess so. But I have always took good care of myself. Today I am more easy on myself then when I was 20. May be that?

Are you afraid of getting older?
I don't panic. But I am doing this job for so long now. It is more the thought "how long will it last? How will I change?" I am open to and embrace what may come. Of course, I notice changes. Last year I made a movie, and when I watched it I noticed the signs of time in my face, and I loved it. It gives my face more character. I also notice in my eyes the things that have happened to me the recent years (Divorcing her husband Royston Langdon, Anm.) When I smile there are wrinkles that was not there before. Somehow I enjoyed it on the screen.

I read in an interview that you gain weight from just looking at food. Now you are really slim. Could you give our readers your secret?
I don't remember having said that (thinks). I am happy. And things happen when you pass 30, or when you have a child. I am not on any particular diet, but I am training as much as I can.

How much exactly, is that?
I don't run every day, but this last week i.e. I did two ballet classes with Mary Helen. She lives in New York and trained Natalie Portman for Black Swan. Once we trained via Skype, and once she came home to me. This week I probably won't be able to do any training at all.

And the nutrition?
That varies. I don't eat three big meals a day, but when I am hungry I can do that. Only when an event is coming up, I am really strict and do hard training every day for 6 days with my trainer David Kirsch.

Oh, he is known for being really strict.
Oh yes, you can see results in two days. And I drink a lot of fresh vegetable juices, often more for my skin, especially with cucumber. When I drink fresh cucumber juice I feel that my skin immediately gets better.

What do you do for your inner beauty?
I do a lot, I think. But I don't want to talk about it. I am at this time in my life very happy. I am not sure why. May be it has something to do with acceptance, and with the fact that I really, as well as I can, am a mother. And feeling things and enjoying and not be so rigid. We live in very intense times, and it is so easy not to be present. You are checking your e-mails, talks on the phone all the time and is never here and now. You always do something. And I hate that feeling and try to avoid it as much as I can.

With whom will you celebrate Christmas?
With my son Milo, of course. And otherwise I am not sure. Everyone, friends and family, who wants to come.

Have you ever had a serious beauty disaster?
Before important events you never squeeze around on your face, thats it (laughs). Or when I have a really important task and I sleep the mandatory 8 hours an do all the right things, and then wake up quite swollen. That's rare though. Then I can sleep only four hours, work hard, drink champagne and somehow I look better.

Your Beauty tips for beautiful skin?
Being consistent. I have for years had the same routine and do not leave one step out of any day. Here I am very consistent.

You have never trained yourself to death or starved yourself. Do you think it is important to be a positive role model?
I only try to be myself. I could never run 10 miles a day. Then my knees would hurt. That is simply not me. But I do try to live a healthy life.

You are probably the first female star who goes for the camera in a perfume campaign without makeup. (It was only meant to be a light check, but the photographer shot pictures right away. The photos with makeup shot later was not used)
Really? But they were all retouched (laughs) They always retouch everything. But it is the deal.

Do you use perfume? Is it important to you?
Oh yeah. I love it when people have their own personal scent. It doesn't matter which perfume they use. So,when you approach them you recognize them, even without seeing them.

(I am made urgent clear that my time is out. Also)

Thank you for a nice talk.