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Liv on Madame Le Figaro
Liv Live

by Carine Bizet, Madame Le Figaro, January 15th 2011. Scans by Rianon, Translation by Alice.

Child of rock, ex-model, elvish princess on screen and mom for real, Liv Tyler had several lives. Today, Givenchy's face wants to have the beautiful film star role again.

Cannes 1996: the Festival is illuminate a 19 years-old beauty, the porcelain version of Liz Taylor. Bertolucci's Stealing Beauty's star Liv Tyler just stepped in cinema's history. Ex-model, child of rock (her father is Steven Tyler, Aerosmith), Liv has what is got to have Hollywood at her feet. Fourteen years later, she is not in the top 5 of Hollywood best paid actresses. After being a elvish princess (The Lord of the Ring) or being the green man's fiance (Hulk) Liv vanished in the cinema jungle, hiding behind ambitious celebrities... The one who got everything to become the most beautiful creature of Hollywood mythology did missed one step leading to the Olympus?

First: Liv is not in rehab, neither in jail even if it's fashionable in Los Angeles. By the way, she doesn't live there but in New York, where she was born. So it's not due to a nervous breakdown, it's more about her personality and education. Daughter of a seventies model Bebe Buell, Liv has thought for a long time that Todd Rundgren was her father until she found out at 11 that it was Steven Tyler. This story made her a child of rock. This new crown of a baby model's head could have turned her life into a tragedy glamour, sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. But Liv got married in 2003 (still with a musician) the happy guy is Royston Langdon from the band Spacehog, an unknown guy not very good looking. Whatever! He's the one Liv chose and he is the father of her son, Milo, born in 2004. Four years later, when the couple split up, Liv is 31 and has already lived several lives.
"I've been through a lot of experiences, I met my real dad, got married young, I got a child and then divorced. This make you strong".

"I follow my heart"

Heroin of a strange scenario, Liv judges her own career: "I know I could have done more. When I had my first successes I could have work non-stop, but I wanted to slow down. I was raised by musicians and they work differently: they compose music, go on tour and have long break. I was very influenced by this way of life." This break was also to raise her son: "When I got divorced, Milo started kindergarten, I could not leave, I took a step back." And her mom's role takes her full-time: "Parenthood is an experience that make you humble: you're the boss but you're also a student, you learn every day." Liv is not looking for being a desperate housewife New York style: "Now I want to go back to work."

And her comeback is on his way since she will be starring in two movies in 2011. The Ledge will be present this month at Sundance Festival and Super, a comedy with Ellen Page and Kevin Bacon.
"I liked the scenario, even if it's a small production. We filmed it in 24 days in Louisiana. We were sleeping in motels but everybody was happy to be part of it." That's what is important for her: freedom. "I work since I was 13 and today I'm living my life, I make my choice and follow my heart." A heart which doesn't push her to follow Angelina Jolie.

Liv prefers being discreet:
"When an actress is not here all the time, we're happy to see her, it's special." There's a reason why she bounded with Riccardo Tisci, Givenchy's artistic director. Liv has been their face for seven years. She like his style: romantic and strong, she can recognize herself in him. He confirms this impression saying that she is "super sweet but strong". We can say that Liv Tyler didn't steal her beauty.

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