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My Beauty Rules

by Lisa Oxenham, Marie Claire, March 2011, Scan by Rianon

From how she minimises her make-up to what she uses on that flawless skin, the actress shares her beauty secrets

1. I am who I am
I've always been so girlie and feminine. I was born into rock, and the first thing I saw was tattoos and a pair of leather trousers so I rebelled against that. I was this tall, curvy female by the time I was 11 so I was confident with whatever look I was projecting.

2. I dab fragrance everywhere
I rub perfume on to my fingers and put it behind my ears, behind my knees, on my belly button and the balls of my feet, so when I take my shoes off somewhere my feet smell nice. This new fragrance [Givenchy Very Irresistible L'Intense EDP, £39.75] has vivid, sensual notes of musk and patchouli, which work well with body heat.

3. I mix and match my skincare
I have two different worlds—one where I'll use products like Crème De La Mer and the other, which is more natural. I met a wonderful facialist, Margaret Hema, when I was filming Lord of the Rings in New Zealand and fell in love with her range of natural products. My mum taught me at a very young age to take really good care of my skin.

4. I swear by low-maintenance haircuts
Eugene Souleiman is a genius. He gave me the best cut I've ever had with a few layers. I just wash it and let it air-dry so it has a natural wave going on.

5. My free healthy hair trick is genius
At the end of a shower, I blast my hair and skin with the cold tap. This is the best trick to make my hair shine. It is great for the circulation.

6. I've minimised my make-up
I condensed everything. I carry around a tiny make-up bag with my favourite things and now my make-up routine takes me about three minutes. I love Nars red lipsticks and Givenchy foundations.

7. I do ballet to get results
I'm seeing Mary Helen Bowers—the ballerina who trained Natalie Portman for her movie. We spend an hour doing leg work, butt lifts and stretches. It's torture.

8. My scent defines me
I love it when someone has that one smell that belongs to them—subtle in the day and a bit more at night. When I make a movie, I wear a specific perfume for that character. For Stealing Beauty, I wore a sweet scent and I loved it. I saved it forever but it just disintegrated. I've searched for it ever since.

9. Surgery is a slippery slope
I have definitely noticed my face change with age. I haven't had Botox—I don't really know a lot about it, but I'm sure once you start you just won't know when to stop.

10. I take vitamin D
I've been taking drops of vitamin D in my water, because that's what I'm deficient in. I spend the summer feeling sun-kissed and it feels good. I don't wear SPF every day but I should. It makes my skin feel clogged.

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