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Liv interviews Stella McCartney

Milk Magazine, July 20th 2010, Translation by Alice

Stella designs a second spring/summer kids collection for Gap, Liv Tyler investigates...

Liv: How did your collaboration started?
Stella: I knew the former boss of Gucci, Domenico De Sole. He is actually a member of Gap's administration. On day, we just talked about it.

Liv: This kid's collection was important for you?
Stella: Yes, I have always wanted to design a collection for children. I don't recall wearing GAP's clothes as a child, but I think their products include nice materials and that's important. We need to be able to put everything in the washing machine without getting shrunken clothes or fade colors after three washings. On this point GAP was perfect for my kids collection. Longevity is essential to me. I'm glad I've worked with Gap on affordable clothes.

Liv: Your experience as a mother had an influence on this collection?
Stella: Sure... Little things. For example, Miller loves super-heros. So we worked on it and integrate it into our second collection, for pyjamas. First, we thought of princesses and fairies for girls, it was our theme, but curiously it was much more complex that for boys. The super-heros theme was easier to developp, even for packaging and labels...

Liv: What kind of challenges did you have to face with your ready-to-wear collection?
Stella: Different ages gave us a hard time. Collections for new-born are also a very specific work. There are a lot of security rules to respect, which are also a limit to our creativity. But the biggest challenge was to adopt a global view, the one of a father, a mother who dress his child, combined to the one of a kid who start to dress himself.

Liv: Where did you find your inspiration for this collection? How did you tackled this spring/summer 2010 collection?
Stella: Inspiration comes by itself for summer collections. From the start, I wanted to design a complete collection which include alla I needed: slight cotton dresses, vivid colors tops and colorfull prints... I wanted to design clothes that help our kids to show who they are and their style.

Liv: Can we find a theme, something playful like it was in the Autumn/Winter 2009-2010 Collection?
Stella: Not excatly, this one is more eclectic. Colors are more vivid, stitches are mixted. It is also softer as the different products are autonomous. It's an important point, kids need to pull out a style, clothes have to have a soul. I think it's essential our kids clothes reflect their energy.

Liv: Do you have little stories about your work with kids, during the creation process or the fitting sessions?
Stella: During the fitting session of my Autumn/Winter collection, I remembered that I worked with 7 yearrs-old twins named Joe and Duke. It's was curious to do fitting sessions with kids because I wasn't used to. We were shooting but I wanted them to have fun, to enjoy their time with us. So I asked Duke what kind of music he liked. He told me: "I love Morrissey, do you have some?" Unbelievable, I never saw such a cool little guy. We made the contest of Morrissey's biggest fan and I tried to impressed a 7 years-old child. So I said: "I have Morrissey but I'm also going to see him on stage tonight, and if I see him, I'll ask an autograph for you." Si I saw him after the concert, I told hom about Duke, his biggest fan. He gave me an autograph that I posted to the kid. I hope he got it.

Stella: Let's exchange roles?! What kind of clothes do you buy to Milo? Does he choose his clothes alone now?
Liv: No, I'm still choosing for him, but he already has his preferences, which are about textures for now. I choose comfortable clothes, soft stuff, I like what is chic, but also simple. I want him to be comfortable, and never over dressed.