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A Very Chic Muse

ELLE Spain, February 2011, scans by Rianon, translation by Fernandaadbs

Curtains go up and along the Eiffel Tower Liv Tyler shows up. An actress, model and ambassador, a beauty who now starts a new life full of professional success and personal plans. The mere fact of being a star allows you to always shine. That's why it's not surprising that Liv Tyler (New York, 1977) has chosen the Hotel Georges V's balcony in Paris to be the ideal scenario of her great return. Being almost off for two years, the actress decided to disconnect from work, studying new projects, healing her heart - she divorced Royston Langdon in 2008 - moving from her house and being closer to her son, Milo. Time that allowed her to meditate and mature, and also to dedicate herself as Parfum Givenchy's ambassador, since she has been the face of the brand for seven years, and just launched Photo'Perfexion Light, which allows to see your face radiantly fresh and brighter.

Elle: Is it complicated to be Liv Tyler?
Liv Tyler: I had the luck or misfortune to be born in such an intense family. The fact of being daughter of famous people (her mother is Bebe Buell, singer and model of the 70s and her father is the lead singer of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler) makes you almost instantly famous. Even though, I believe that, besides my story, I have managed to create my own identity. As time goes by I realized that the more you are yourself, the easier it is to survive.

E: It's been almost twenty years in the movies. What do you think?
LT: It's so incredible to think that I've been in this industry for such a long time. When I was 13, the super model Paulina Porizkova took some pictures of me, sold them and then everything started. Later I developed my acting career, in movies like Stealing Beauty, Lonesome Jim, Armageddon, The Lord Of The Rings, The Incredible Hulk and it's been seven years since I became Givenchy's face. The best thing about my job is that it's constantly changing. I can be almost dying in the middle of the desert in one day and in the next one I'm flying to Paris to sit in the front line of a glamorous fashion show.

E: How do you prepare yourself before a big event?
LT: First I take a relaxing shower before getting ready to prepare myself, it's the best thing to do to relieve tension. This time I have the luck to count on Nicolas Degennes (Givenchy's artistic director) for the makeup session, even though I have to recognize that as time went by I had to learn how to solve this problem myself when he's not around. Our relationship is beyond professional, so I let him take me anywhere when he's helping me. It's worth trusting him. As today is an important day, Riccardo Tisci (Givenchy's creative director) has supervised what I was going to wear at this photoshoot and what I'll wear at the fashion show. As you can see, today I'm just going to wear the clothes.

E: How do you define your relationship with Riccardo Tisci?
LT: We're becoming really close friends, he's a fascinating man and to be around personalities like that amuses me. I respect his opinions so much, mostly his vision about fashion nowadays. Every time he picks something for me, I know that he did it with a purpose, because I feel safe when I wear it. I like his collections because they're strong, intense and romantic at the same time, adjectives that match my new perspective on life. Riccardo made me wear clothes that I have never imagined in my closet, for example tight leather pants and bracelets adorned with tacks. They're both something I saw my dad wearing on tours and I considered them as rocker style. Riccardo gave me my first leather pants a while ago and I believe they're the must-have of my closet.

E: How's your closet? Do you consider yourself addicted to shopping?
LT: I believe my financial advisor would say so! (laughs) But I don't go shopping every day. As I moved from my house, I decided to get rid of things I didn't use anymore, I collect too many things. Now that my style is simpler, my closet is pretty much "cleaner" since I decided to keep just what favors me. The bad thing is that, when I really like something, I'm incapable of not wearing it every day, like Nightingale Givenchy's bag, some leggings and Lanvin flats.

E: How do you see yourself now?
LT: When I look at myself in the mirror, I see a new Liv, a grown up woman. I recognize the experience takes place in my accomplishments. I like to look into my eyes and see myself as someone who has lived and been through the most variable situations. Now I know myself better and I enjoy knowing who I am.

E: How's your beauty routine?
LT: I've learned that the most important thing to have a good face is to have a fresh skin. In the morning, I don't take too much time, so I just deeply clean my skin and use a moisturizing. At night, when Milo is sleeping and the house is completely quiet, I like to pamper myself with every kind of product. Every two days, I use Black for Light Givenchy's facial mask, I like to see my face covered in black. I also enjoy the coconut and olive oil because of its nutritive properties.

E: In a little while, we'll see your most recent movies. Can't you tell us a little bit about them?
LT: Yes. Last night I received an email from my agent telling me that The Ledge, one of the movies I worked on last year, was accepted to be part of Sundance Film Festival! It makes me happy to be able to go back there, since I've been there my first movie, Heavy. The Ledge and Super are independent movies with minimal budgets and scripts that have touched my heart, a requirement which, from now on, will make me join a project.

E: How's the life of a working mother? How do you feel about being away from Milo when you're filming?
LT: I admire women who conciliate their personal and professional lives, it's a not well recognized merit. Motherhood has so many steps, your son needs you to cover his basic needs and soon he needs your cares to grow up and later he needs your advices for living. That's why you always need to be available. For me it's fundamental to have all the support I have, from his father, who takes so much care of him, and all the women who take care of him.

E: We always see you glowing, so that's an inevitable question: what's the recipe to heal a broken heart?
LT: None. All I know is that, through my experiences and from what I've learned from my parents is that, when something surprising and painful happens in your life and you can't change it, the best thing you can do is to deal with it. If you hide yourself from it, it'll come back and hit you like a boomerang and the effect will be even harder. That's why, when everything happened, my instinct told me that the best thing to do would be to take a breath and fix my problems.

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