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Liv Tyler - Style IQ

UK InStyle, March 2011, Scan by Rianon

We caught up with the actress in Paris to talk perfume, premières and closet clear-outs

"Right now, I'm in the George V in Paris. Being here is one of my favourite treats. My son Milo [six] is with me—we jump on the bed, order room service and have a ball. I'm here to promote the new Givenchy scent Very Irrésistible Givenchy L'Intense."

"This fragrance is my favourite. I like the new notes that they've added, it's a little bit more warm and musky with the patchouli in it. I love the way the scent settles, it blends really well."

"Alexander McQueen made me an amazing, outrageous pink dress, for the Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers première, which I loved."

"I love everything that Riccardo Tisci is doing at Givenchy. It's finally come together: they've had so many designers over the years, there was so much pressure to try to reinvent the wheel. What he brings to it is unique and it stands out in the world of fashion."

"I like having one perfume that I wear all the time, so it becomes part of you. When someone remembers your scent, it's incredible."

"I don't like it when you first spray on a fragrance. It's nice when you've put it on in the morning, then in the evening, you can subtly smell it."

"I'm simple with my make-up. I use Photo'Perfexion foundation, sparingly and I'm obsessed with this blush gel. It's the best thing ever if you're in a cab, rushing and you think, 'I need a little bit of a cheek!' I put it on my lips sometimes—it makes your natural colour come out, like when someone's kissed you."

"I love to dress up and see how people interpret me. I'm open to going to see someone and saying, 'I'm yours, do what you want with me!'."

"I have a great pair of Balenciaga pants. They're high-waisted and skinny—I wear them pretty much every day with Lanvin flats. I like to be 'all legs'."

"The last three things I bought were a black Acne hat; pink velvet couches for my house in NYC; and an amazing Rag & Bone military jacket—I wore it to a premiére with a Nina Ricci dress."

"I've just gone through my closet. I had so many beautiful things that I wasn't wearing any more, so I got brutal. I gave some to charity and lots to my friends. They're like, 'If you ever need this back...'"

"Someone said I was the most organised disorganised person they'd ever met. I'm detail-orientated and specific, but also super in the moment and easily distracted. It's weird."

"I wear a lot of Stella McCartney. I love how effortless and chic her things are. If I want to throw something on and look simple, but feel sexy, I'll throw on Stella."

"Milo is cool, he has really funny taste. He loves Queen—he can sing all the words to 'Bohemian Rhapsody', which is hysterical."

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