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Stylist's trés chic date with Liv Tyler in Paris

Stylist Magazine, March 9th 2011

With the prospect of snow hanging thick in the air, Stylist made the swift journey across the Channel to meet the actress and face of Very Irrésistible Givenchy L'Intense fragrance, Liv Tyler. At the decadently Parisian, Hotel George V, a make-up free Liv, 33, looked radiant (she even went cosmetic free for the campaign shots, right), spoke softly and had us wishing she was our friend.

How has your relationship with Givenchy your style?
I have some great clothes. Riccardo [Tisci, Creative Director] made me a pair of leather pants that are like tights, they're incredible.

What are your earliest memories of fragrance?
I remember my mum having a bottle of Chanel Nº5 on the bathroom shelf at home. And my dad [Aerosmith's Steven Tyler] has this particular smell, from the different oils he wears.

How do you balance work and being a mother to your six-year-old son, Milo?
I just try and go with the flow. It's better to not be super-rigid because when you make too many plans that's when everything goes astray. My favourite thing, once I get Milo to bed, is having a glass of wine, a cigarette and a gossip with a girlfriend.

Has your attitude to work changed since becoming a parent?
I think I'm quietly ambitious, still driven and focused. I'm much better at saying no to certain things now.

Has Milo got his own style?
He doesn't really care, unless I put him in skinny jeans. He'd be happy in his pyjamas all day.