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ELLE Germany, March 2011, Scan by Rianon, Translation by Jacqueline

Liv Tyler own private Universe: Why she loves New York, where she buys and what and what she carries privately best.

Cool fashion, casual attitude: Liv Tyler, daughter of rock star, Hollywood actress and model embodies the typical New York downtown-chic. Therefore, the 33-year-old was the ideal person for several campaigns of the denim label G-Star. The current face of the brand is Mrs. Gemma Arterton. On the runway show of G-Star in Manhattan, Liv Tyler chatted with ELLE about her fashion style, and revealed her favorite shops and hotspots in Manhattan.

Elle: What is your personal favorite look?
Liv Tyler: In everyday life I would feel comfortable in my clothes in the first place. My uniform is then composed as follows: Converse sneakers, airy dresses or jeans from G Star. Often there is a piece I would like to take off again. One of my favorites, for example, the ankle-length waist jeans that I'm wearing now.

Elle: A very casual look for a Hollywood star.
L.T: As for fashion, I am really easy. Of course, I also own Evening glamorous outfits. Although it feels a bit like dressing up, I enjoy it every now and then to emphasize my femininity.

Elle: Tell us your Beauty Basics.
L.T: I love Givenchy Blush and the nurturing Balm "Rose Salve" from C.O. Bigelow. And lipstick in bright colors - for dramatic performances.

Elle: Your favorite scent?
L.T: It must be fresh and light, such as "Very Irresistible Givenchy".

Elle: As the daughter of Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler, model and actress who have always traveled a lot. Where do you feel at home?
L.T: In New York! As I grew, my son Milo is now growing up here. When we moved to Los Angeles for two years and people there asked him where he lived as he answered each time: "I am a New Yorker!"

Elle: For true New Yorkers, life is often only in its neighbourhood. Is this similar to you?
L.T: Yes, this is indeed the place where I feel most at home. I live in the West Village and got my regular stores there - such as "Zero + Maria Cornejo" - and favorite restaurants. But I've lived in New York so long that with me almost every corner has something in common: I'm in SoHo, for example, like the restaurant "The Yard" to eat. And my friends are scattered all over the city anyway.

Elle: Modeling or acting: Which job has priority in your life?
L.T: Both are equally important. The one without the other half wouldn't be so much fun!

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