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On my mind... Liv Tyler

by Polish InStyle, April 2011. Scans and translation by Rianon.

Worn flats, night visits to the kitchen - what else she wants to admit today?

I'm currently hooked on... "Old episodes of Twin Peaks. I'm obsessed with figuring out the mystery. I even take notes on my computer."

Can't believe I just... "Spent 50 dolars on a feather duster. I spotted it in the John Dorian store. I love it, it's so naughty."

"Every night before going to bed I eat a cookie Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. I have them a lot after Halloween. I hid them in the fridge. Don't tell anyone."

My instant pick-me-up... "Verry Irresistible L'Intense by Givenchy. I'm working with Givenchy for a long time and this scent uniquely speaks to me. A dab of hot-pink blush brightens my day."

I'm not a jewellery person, but... "I love to collect cocktail rings. They are like these beautiful little pieces of art that are fun to look at, even if I don't wear them every day."

On the menu tonight... "Roast chicken with potatoes. It's the perfect warm-you-up, stick-to-your-bones meal. I use Donna Hay's recipe."

I practically live in... "My Lanvin flats—they've been resoled four times now. It's ridiculous, but I refuse to buy a new pair because the design has changed ever so slightly over the years. I know they just won't be the same."

List of Liv's best friends

Since her debut she make friends with stars. When she last saw her friends?

Kate Hudson
"Recently we took our sons to the great Italian feast at the Pitti bar in New York."

Eva Mendes
"Irreplaceable shopping companion. Unfortunately I haven't seen her since my birthday party"

Stella McCartney
"I'm stuck in traffic jams while driving on her show, I entered the hall as the last. I was terribly ashamed"