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Stella McCartney and Liv Tyler Chat with FashionIndie Over Veggie Burgers at Saks

by Jessica Lapidos, FashionIndie, May 5th 2011

Amidst an indoor midsummer's picnic with vegetarian burgers and dogs, cotton candy and a doo wop quartet, Liv Tyler hosted a party for her good friend Stella McCartney in celebration of her new shop opened within Saks Fifth Avenue. The star of the party was certainly Stella McCartney - her full Fall 2011 collection lined the store in Saks, giving us a chance to feast our eyes and hands on the oversized blazers and dropped shoulders sidling body con dresses. The chest of kid Stella clothes was pretty freaking adorable, too. And 10% of proceeds from her sales last night went to The Naked Heart Foundation.

I had the honor of meeting Stella McCartney before the event really started - the Liv of the party hadn't arrived yet. Determined to talk to her, I persisted past the determinedly protective security PR and introduced myself. Nerves almost got the better of me as I toldher that while I'm a Fashion Editor, I'm also a designer and born Beatles fan. Her smile proved she is a kind, beautiful soul. Conversation ebbed into how when she first began, there was much hoopla surrounding her choice to be completely animal and eco friendly. It was such a bizarre choice 10 years ago. Now, designers are faced with the issue of how to make eco-friendliness a non-issue by just making it an innate part of the process and letting the clothing speak for itself. After a minute's time talking on sustainability with Stella McCartney, she got whisked away to retrieve Liv Tyler. Don't fret - that was not the last she saw of me. I thus busied myself with the touch of her squeezably soft wools, the gold wovens, and the cucumber cocktails until their return.

I eventually caught up with Liv Tyler and chatted up what we're feeling in fashion right now, and of course about Stella. By the way, she is even more elegantly stunning in person than in any pictures or movies.

What trends are you loving this season?
"I would say I'm very not hip to knowing what's in because I only follow my heart, what I like. I don't keep up with [magazines]. I read magazines when I can, and I see pieces when I walk by them in a store. I have more of a specific eye when it comes to [shopping]. Like, I could come to this place and in about 4 minutes I could say exactly what I want and how I would put it together."

What is your heart saying for fashion right now, within yourself?
"I"m really happy to be in this [Stella McCartney] dress. I feel like a fem-bot. Everything's in place. I'm really happy in it right now. Too bad I can only wear it once because I had my picture taken in it about 300 times."

I think we all feel that way with Facebook. That's why I like separates.
"I love separates. I live in Wolford tights and Lanvin flats. And then whatever else I can come up with. I really love shorts and rompers, but with tights. Little skirts and blouses and t-shirts. I definitely like separates right now."

How much Stella do you think you have in your closet?
"Not a crazy amount, but the pieces last forever. They don't go away. I have a couple of jackets that I've had for 6 years. I have a suit from when she was at Chloe. They're so well made and so chic and powerful that they transcend trends... I always feel like it's the grownup in me. I have all these different sections of my closet. The one section where most of my Stella things are, is for when I have a meeting, or when I want to feel like a woman."