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Liv on Turkish Vogue
Two faces of Liv Tyler

Turkish Vogue, May 2011. Photos by Patrick Demarchelier. Scans by Bengi. Translation by Zeyna.

One of the best portrait and fashion photographers, Patrick Demarchelier and one of the most beautiful women on earth, Liv Tyler met in New York for Vogue Turkey. The photo shoot which took place in Demarchelier's studio and styled by our fashion director Mary Fellowes had a surprise too: Liv Tyler's grandmother was accompanying her granddaughter.

Liv Tyler, who is considered as one of the most beautiful women on earth, was styled in a totally different way for Vogue Turkey readers. She was transformed from a soft and feminine woman with round body contours to a masculine and slightly dark character. The shoot in New York excited everyone and amused Liv a lot.

If you see Liv Tyler posing for Patrick Demarchelier, you could believe that she is a professional supermodel who is modelling every day. In fact, she continued modelling which she started at the age of 14 only for one year. Then she got bored of this job and carried on her career with acting. Tyler explains the reason why she gave up modelling with her character features:
"I was never a person who shuts up and does as told. I have a dominant character. I want to take part in the creative process and contribute. That's why I was always feeling uncomfortable when I was modelling."

It's enough to spend only a short time in Vogue Turkey's photo shoot to understand what Liv is trying to tell. Tyler wants a cheval mirror for herself. As pro photographer Demarchelier shoots, she controls her pose, looks and glances in the mirror. She refers to the photos and wants a change in the frame. Just as she told us: she has a strong character and she is not one of those who keep their ideas for themselves. Still, she finds modelling more entertaining than in the past.
"Actually modelling and acting are like apples and oranges, you shouldn't compare them. Both have different pleasures. I suppose, I love them both now." Everything changes for Liv after 20 years, now modelling as a world famous actress, once who was feeling passive and insecure while posing for major photographers at the age of 14. After all, she is a celebrity now and her ideas are taken into account under every circumstance.


Liv Tyler is leading a calm life for quite some time. In the meantime, she manages her private life. After her divorce from Royston Langdon in 2008, a lot has changed for her. Her shared life with Langdon was in New York. After separation, she moved to Los Angeles. But she moved back to New York as she missed the city. Besides, now there is a man in her life who will always be a part of her: 6 year old son Milo. Things she misses about a year-round sunny California are her girl friends, natural water sources, fresh fruits and vegetables result of a fruitful soil and her travels by car to North California. However, a part of her always remained a New Yorker. Now she is happy to be back in the city again. To be a mother too: "I've always wanted to be a mother. Milo is a very special child. I am so happy to be his mother and continue my life with him. That doesn't necessarily mean that I am not having difficulties at all. Especially, during the first couple of years, the most difficult part was to resist the lack of sleep. I have also difficulty in taking Milo to school on time!" Even if it sounds weird to hear a celebrity talk about lack of sleep or school runs, she has something to point out: "I really live like a normal person. I don't have a staff that does everything for me, drivers who wait for me to carry my things. I believe that people should take some responsibilities".

Talking about family.. Liv came to the photo shoot in Demarchelier' s studio in New York with her grandmother. While grandmother was giggling at her granddaughter's transformation with costumes, Liv rather looked like a little girl than the mother of a 6 year old. Or should we say like a little boy!

Liv Tyler is a girly girl. She has always been like this.
"I opened my eyes to the world of rock. Tattoos, leather pants, metal accessorizes... Perhaps as a reaction, I opted for a very feminine style." Exactly for this reason, she finds the Vogue Turkey photo shoot in which she appears like a boy interesting: "The cover photo reminds me of light, spring time and freshness. In other pictures inside, yes, I look more masculine. As l love to be styled in different characters, I find this contrast styling particularly interesting." The whole shooting might not reflect Liv's style, but she likes the clothes separately. She buys the Prada shoes and Micheal Kors cardigan immediately after the shoots.

It surely is an exceptional case for her to shop for clothes after a fashion shoot in which she models. Usually, when she wants an efficient shopping, she goes alone and finds the pieces she wants with great concentration. If she is in the fun mood, she takes a friend to shopping. Her favourite apparel at the moment is leather pants of Givenchy designed especially for her by Riccardo Tisci. She is strongly attached to her clothes and particularly to her favourite ones :
"blue and white marine sweater, well cut dark jeans, a gorgeous Stella McCartney blazer or Lanvin flats... These are my all time favourites, clothes I can never give up.


Another thing Liv Tyler can never give up is her job. She quotes about how much she loves her job: "It's definitely wonderful to come back to acting with two movies all at once. But If you would ask me what I do like most about my job, I would reply as to be in the set. How a film is made, the ambience of a film set, bringing a character to life. These are things actually which I find truly beautiful.

One of the 2 films she is talking about is Super which hit theatres last year. The film's genre, which was directed by James Gunn, is a comedy-drama. The film is about a man's funny story whose wife falls into the hands of a drug dealer. The husband who tries to become a super hero to save his wife, finds himself in bizarre cases. Tyler plays the wife of the confused super hero in the film. Which super power would Liv like to choose if she had a chance?
"Invisibility" she replies. Or better said, to simply disappear on request. Who doesn't want that! The second film, The Ledge will hit the theatres in USA within a couple of months. It is not sure yet if the film about the philosophical battle between a devout Christian and an atheist will be available in Turkey.

Liv Tyler's acting career began in 1992, but she gained popularity after starring in Stealing Beauty in 1996. Other movies which brought fame and success include blockbusters like Armageddon, Lord of the Rings not to forget The Incredible Hulk.


I love life. When talking about life, I don't mean being a celebrity, giving interviews, being in the cover of magazines. I mean ordinary things. Waking up in the morning, getting dressed, going out, cooking.. I find all these absolutely exciting." Even if some find her overweight, she is happy about herself. "I'm being told that I would get more job opportunities if I lose some weight. But I refuse it. I don't want to be in that standard. I am slim compared to the rest of the world and this is enough for me.

A long winter passed but again the spring has won. Liv Tyler is smiling on our cover like the summer sun smiling through the clouds and warming our hearts. She wakes the joy of spring inside ourselves with her pure and natural beauty.

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