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Liv on Croatian Beauty and Health
Liv Tyler - learn from her: LOVELY and MODEST

Croatian Beauty and Health, May 2011. Scans and translation by Helena.

Beautiful Liv Tyler we know by major roles in films like That Thing You Do by Tom Hanks, Stealing Beauty, in which she played with Jeremy Irons, Armageddon in which she shone as the daughter of the eternal hero Bruce Willis and other Hollywood blockbusters, but she was famous and before her film career...

Many teens are dreaming about being a children of famous stars, but you should be careful what you wish for. Liv Tyler was definitely not supposed to bother with dreams like that, since she was born in out of wedlock Lorence Beverly "Bebe" Buell, who tried to break through as a singer and model, and rock musician Todd Rundgren. But what a surprise, meeting with the charismatic frontman of the group Aerosmith, Steven Tyler, has led to the discovery that he, not Todd, is Liv's biological father. Steven Tyler's other daughter, who is almost copy of Liv, confirmed that a great similarity is not coincidental.

The legendary meeting happened on Todds performance where her mother met her with Steven, but she hide them both that they are father and daughter. Liv was only nine years old then, but she noted the similarity and the weird relationship with the famous rocker. "I wrote my thoughts about him in my diary. He overwhelmed my minds in a strange way, and it always dug me something about him". Later, at one of the Aerosmith concerts, Liv was convinced to her suspicions. In the audience she saw Stevens second daughter Mia, who looked like her. Realizing that her suspicions were not only a consequence of teenage fantasy, she pushedher mother to tell her the truth. Bebe admitted that she was conceived in the short-term relationship with Steven, who had big problems with drugs at that time. Bebe decided to protect her, and Todd, who start to dating with her accepted the child. "Todd has done for me a huge thing and makes me feel more loved", says Liv.

When she was 14, Liv tried to break through as a model. First photos of her ended up in Interview magazine, and she shot them with Paulina Porizkova, former supermodel, who is one of the first people that recognizedher beauty. With fifteen years she already appears on the cover of Seventeen magazine. Then she said that it's not too surprising to her since she has always been close to that world. Since then Liv is unstoppable. Sheappeared in the video for Aerosmith's song "Crazy", and necessarily was appearing on the cover of "Rolling Stone" with her real father, and then the world finds out their unusual story. Liv started in small roles in few films, and in 1995, followed one of her best roles with the movie Stealing Beauty, with legendary Jeremy Irons. Role was as it was written for her and now we can not imagine in that role any other actress with so much charm and innocence. For this role she was nominated in category of Best Performance by a Young Actress and that's gave her rise for more work on her acting skills. Just two years later she appeared in movie Inventing the Abbotts, which launches her and Joaquin Phoenix into the starry sky. Soon, young actors become a couple in relationship for three years.

The next big breakthrough was in film Armageddon, in which she played with the biggest stars - Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, Steve Buscemi and already renowned Ben Affleck and Owen Wilson. Aerosmith has marked this film with their megahit "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing". Steven enjoyed working together on a music for Armageddon. Liv has already had a lot of work on a film so Steven said wistfully: "This is the only way to see her often".

Liv has not worked that much with no reason. For her role in the film Onegin, she was awarded by Russian Guild of Film Critics for Best Foreign Actress.

The next big role was given to her in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, where she played Elf princess Arwen Undomiel. The role really fits to her tender and ethernal appearance.

Then followed a lot of roles, and Liv has proved that she can manage in every genre - drama, comedy, horror and fantasy, not be carried a lot with Hollywood world. She is very conscious that we are not all with the same happiness and she loves shows her generous side.

She supports UNICEF and research focused on the fight against cancer.

Although she is only 33 years, Liv has achieved all her ambitions and made her wish that a well known cosmetics will hire her as face. Liv has found happiness and in her private life. In 2004. she gave birth to her son Milo William, from her marriage with British musician Royston Langdon. The couple was together for eight years, but they divorced in 2008, after five years of marriage. The media has not found out much about her private life, and Liv said that casual relationships with men are not for her, that her heart is created only for the real, big love.

Her relationships actually can be enumerated on the fingers of one hand, and after a divorce she wasn't interested in men, but she devoted only to her son and herself.

Since divorce, Liv has been connected with few men, but these rumors were never confirmed, and she admitted herself that she needed time to heal love wounds. The most recent news says it seems that lovely Liv has opened her heart. From recently, we can see her very often with 24-year-old photographer Theo Wenner, son of Rolling Stone magazine publisher. Sources claim that, despite of differences in age, Liv and Theo are enchanted by each other. Theo photographed many stars, such as Robert Pattinson and Elle Fanning, and for now it doesn't bother him that he found himself in front of the camera because of Liv.

Liv has always been emphasized with her fashion statement. Very easy to wear anything - casual clothes or beautiful gowns for the red carpet. She is simply gorgeous.

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