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Stealing Beauty's star speaks

Dolly Magazine, 1996

Her folks are the rock god Steven Tyler and '70 supermodel party girl Bebe Buell. So why is Liv getting all the attention ? Stealing Beauty's star speaks ...

How did you get started as a model ?
When I was 14, a family friend, Paulina Porizkova (the veteran supermodel), took some pictures of me and showed them around. It all happened from there, but I've been around show business all my life.

Did you want to model ?
No. I think I first wanted to be a Marine Biologist. Modeling is very external - it's all about being pretty. It's hard to stay grounded in that profession.

How has you dad (Steven Tyler, lead singer of Aerosmith) reacted to your success ?
He's happy for me. He really likes to see what I do and be part of my career. I did a video with him, Crazy, that was fun.

In that video you played a young girl fleeing from a Catholic school in a blue convertible - a very sexy concept, right ?
Look, I can understand why people might have had a problem with it but I never did, nor did my father.

Did your mum push you like a "stage mother" ?
No. There's a big difference between helping me along the way and pushing me. She helps me in making the best decisions. All the things she did in my life were to protect me.

Do you have other siblings ?
I'm my mum's only child but, through my father I have a sister Mia, in New York. I also have a little sister, Chelsea, and a little brother, Taj. Chelsea and Taj live with dad now.

And what about you and your dad ?
We have a good relationship. I love my father very much. In my early years, he was trying to get himself better. (Steven Tyler struggled with a drug problem for some time.) He wasn't capable of taking care of himself during those years, so he couldn't have taken care of anybody else. When my father was my age, it was the beginning of rock'n'roll. It must have been insane.

Was your mother open to your relationship with your dad ?
Of course she was! She only wants what's best for me. She was very happy.

Because you had so much experience in front of photographers, were films easy for you ?
They're different. When you pose for a photograph, it's artificial, with all the make-up and hair people making sure every detail is correct. Acting is about your realness, naturalness and honesty.

Do you have a special boyfriend ?
No. I've got good friends, like Marlon Richards (Rolling Stone Keith's son), but no-one special.

Do you collect all your dad's albums ?
Oh, yeah, I really like his music a lot. I like the new Aerosmith, too, but I collect the old stuff.

How would you describe your initial film-making experiences ?
Challenging! I had to learn so much so fast. It was nice when I became more comfortable and could understand what everybody's jobs were.

Which actresses do you admire ?
I love Uma Thurman and I really like Juliette Lewis, too - I can't keep my eyes off her.

Did you grow up in the public eye ?
Well, I had a beautiful upbringing with my mother in Maine. I could play in the fields and take the school bus. I think, deep inside, my mother knew it wasn't going to be like that for me forever, so she wanted me to have those childhood years in private.

So, how does it feel for you now, being famous ?
It just makes me want to hide! That's why I love New York - you can go out and do whatever you want, by yourself with no-one's help, and no-one bothers you. It doesn't matter who you are. You're still going to get the same treatment that everybody else gets, and that's why I love it.