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Liv Tyler is the new 'mane' of Pantene!

by Jessica Vince, Grazia Daily, October 2011.

Wait, what's this? Another EXCLUSIVE announcement from Grazia Daily? That's right kids, we're delighted to reveal that the latest lady to swish her hair back and forth for Pantene is Liv Tyler! The enviably-haired Hollywood actress has been deemed with swishing duties as the face - or rather the mane - of the brand, and we can't think of a better candidate. Because not only has she inherited luscious locks from her head-banging dad (that's Steve Tyler of Aerosmith - keep up!), but did you know Liv was an original Pantene girl in the Nineties? Yes, tis true!

Fast forward fifteen - yes, FIFTEEN! - years and Liv's back to front the latest campaign for the new Pantene Repair & Protect range. Talk about timeless beauty! To celebrate, Grazia Daily has got our mitts on an exclusive behind-the-scenes video. Oh, AND we were lucky enough to grab a chat with the lovely lady herself to discuss everything from hair heroines to er, spiral perms...

Grazia Daily: What is your hair must-have?
Liv Tyler: The new Pantene Pro-V Split End Serum is my absolute 'must-have' product.

GD: What is your top hair tip?
LT: The best hair advice I was ever given was don't stop caring for your hair once you've washed it. Always use after care products such as heat defense sprays and split end serums.

GD: Have you had any hair disasters?
LT: Absolutely, I had a spiral perm when I was 9!

GD: Who is your hair heroine?
LT: It has to be Rita Hayworth or Debbie Harry.

GD: Is there a hair style or colour you'd love to try?
LT: I would love to try a platinum blonde like Debbie Harry! I love my hair as it is now, but I'm always open to experimenting or doing something drastic for the right film part. A bit like the time Robert Altman asked me to cut my long hair off into a short pixie for Cookie's Fortune. I loved having that opportunity.

GD: If you could have anyone's hair, whose would it be and why?
LT: I'm happy with the hair my mom and dad gave me!

GD: How do you feel to be working with Pantene Pro-V?
LT: I'm really excited about working with Pantene on this new project, especially as I did a Pantene ad back in 1996 when I was 19! I've tried lots of different hair care brands over the years, however Pantene is my favourite as it always leaves my hair looking and feeling really healthy.

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