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Liv live

by Aurelie Lambillon, Jalouse Magazine, October 2005, Photo by Alexis Armanet, Scans by Edina, Translation by Jacqueline.

Ten minutes with the image of Givenchy, the American Liv Tyler, 28, confirmed actress (Stealing Beauty, The Lord of the Rings), ... and fan of perfumes.

Liv Tyler, what's your first olfactory memory?
The scent of my mother and my grandmother. Both wore Chanel No. 5 and I remember it very vividly. I also remember the falcons in my motherís bathroom. As a child, I was very tomboyish. I rarely wore dresses (I still do), but my mother taught me how to look after myself and care has always been a priority.

What's your first fragrance?
I have no idea! I've always had a lot of different scents. I still have quite a collection, more than fifty in my vanity at home. It changes depending on my mood. Today, I wore a vanilla scent. I used to associate scents with certain places. So when I put it back on later, it'll remind me of the trip.

What's your favourite?
Light scents are my favourite, natural ones. I have a preference for musk, rose, citrus. I also carry fragrances for babies, a little baby powder.

And for men?
I don't like men who smell like they fell into the bottle. I'd rather they put on something extremely light. My husband (singer Royston Langdon) is scented with lemon juice, it's light, very simple.

Is packaging important?
Yes, of course. When choosing a perfume, you're subconsciously attracted to the aesthetics of a bottle, one that meets a persons taste.

Does your best friend pick your fragrances?
It happened to me recently and I didn't appreciate it. I have this strange musky oil that I buy in pharmacies. When I wear it I always receive compliments. My girlfriend loves it, so I gave her a bottle. One day she came over, and the feeling and smell of it, I felt a small surge of jealousy. I think she noticed it.

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