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Liv Tyler: I work the concealer brush

by Astrid Taupin, Madame Le Figaro, January 2012. Translation by Alice.

Givenchy's Egery is ready to surprise us. For the launch of Electric Rose, Givenchy fourth version of Very Irrésistible perfum next March, she is singing the song of the TV Commercial. While we are waiting, she gives us her professional beauty secrets

Your favorite product?
The Hydra Sparkling chapstick for lips and cheeks, Givenchy. At the same time chapstick and lighter for cheeks, it's pink color changes depending on skins.

Your morning routine?
I clean my face with Dermal Clay Cleanser, Dermalogica, a powder with kaolin and menthol which purifies the skin. Then I use a couple of drops of Olio Lusso, a wonderful oil created by Linda Rodin, which has eleven different oils.

How to get ready for a red carpet?
I start by training. Then I have a vitamines cocktail, the Emergency Kit, which gives you tonus and less stress. I'm addicted to the cucumber juice at the smoothies bar Organic Avenue in New York. This green vegetable jus is very fresh and good for the skin. Before the arrival of the makeup artist, I use a purifying mask Blue Flame d'Astara, soft and perfect for little rashes and then Orange Sanguine, Bliss for a nice cleavage.

Do you take care of your hair?
I'm lucky because it is thick and healthy. I'm glad to have it cut a little every two months.

Which is your favorite version of Very Irrésistible ?
L'Intense, but the perfum I prefer is Monsieur Givenchy for Men.

The makeup that fits you the best?
Every day, I use a tan cream to have a nice tan and a concealer that I put with a lipstick brush. It's more precise than a finger. On eyes, I put a plum line close to the eyelashes and I use the Shu Uemura's Eyelash Curler. Nicolas Degennes (Givenchy's makeup direcor) has created for me a lip moisturizer, tainted black which colores just a bit the lips et gives a nice plum color. This one is unique but it exists in a brighter color: Rouge Interdit, Black Plum.

A little pleasure?
Doritos and red wine!