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Pantene Q&A with Liv Tyler

RTE Fashion, January 2012.

Pantene spokesperson Liv Tyler talks about the brand's latest range, Pantene Pro-V.

How do you feel to be working with Pantene Pro-V?
I'm really excited about working with Pantene on this new project, especially as I did a Pantene ad back in 1996 when I was 19! I've tried lots of different hair care brands over the years, however Pantene is my favourite as it always leaves my hair looking and feeling really healthy.

What's new about Pantene Pro-V?
Pantene is having a total brand reinvigoration. It's offering new ranges, formulas, products, ingredients, fragrances and a packaging transformation - pretty much everything is new! The range is now split into hair type; fine, normal-thick and colour treated so it's easier to find the best product for you. This new approach to hair care and all of the science that went into it really fascinates me.

How would you describe your hair structure?
My hair falls into the normal-thick category, there is a lot of it and it's really full bodied. The great thing is because Pantene looks after my hair so well, I can keep it long without the worry of split ends.

How has your hair been looking and feeling after using the new Pantene Pro-V collection? Have you noticed a difference?
I've been using the Repair & Protect range for normal-thick hair and really noticed a difference. My hair looks and feels the healthiest it's ever been, which is great because it means I don't have to do much to it when I'm not working.

What do you do with your hair when you're not working?
I try to give it a break when I'm at home, leaving it to dry naturally and avoiding too much styling. I do a leave-in conditioning treatment at least once a week too, which makes all the difference.

Does your hair affect the way you feel about yourself?
Yes absolutely. The reason I love to keep it long is that it's really feminine and gives me confidence. It also means I can experiment with different looks depending on my mood, whether that's glamorous, natural, sultry! It's an important part of my overall look.

What do you think makes beautiful hair?
Beautiful healthy hair to me is hair that's smooth, that shines, looks full and has some bounce when you walk.

If you were to describe your hair in 3 words after using new Pantene, what would they be?
1) Healthy, 2) Shiny, 3) Nourished

What is the worst thing you ever did to your hair?
Got a spiral perm when I was 9.

What are your beauty indulgences?
Facials and spa treatments.

What is your most memorable and best ever hair moment/ event?
Impossible to say, but I've gone red a few times and loved it! It was so fun!