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WideScreen Interview

Simon Schwartz, WideScreen Magazine, December 2002

The rold of Arwen is one of the most contentious among the Tolkien fans - the novelist wasn't too keen on introducing central female characters to his work and her role has already been substantially beefed up for cinematic purposes. But what's the story with The Two Towers ? WIDESCREEN snatches a few choice moment with 'the most beautiful living being in Middle Earth' and gets down to basics.

You play Arwen, the most beautiful living being in Middle Earth. Sounds like quite a challenge to me ...
Sure was (laughs). But Arwen is a strong person who believes in good, and love. That was a fulfilling message to deliver.

You also give up your immortality for the love of the Aragorn ...
... which is the most noble thing I have ever done on screen. But given the fact that Viggo Mortensen played Aragorn, it was not a difficult choice to make.

Have you ever read the trilogy of Lord of the Rings novels ?
I didn't when I was younger. But once I got involved with the project, I started devouring all the books. It's such great writing, I am a big fan now.

Rumous has it that we won't be seeing much of you in the second part of the movie, true ?
Says who ? I am not going to give away the secret of the story here. But I can assure you, I am in this movie.

How was it filming in New Zealand for Lord of the Rings ?
What a spectacular place. It was amazing. But sometimes it was a little lonely for me as a woman. Not too many females on the set.

Are you telling us that someone as beautiful as you was sitting in her hotel room at night because you couldn't find anybody to go out with ?
No, it wasn't like that. But I do like it when I have some female allies on the set. And there weren't many, that's all.

You are the daughter of a famous rock star (Steve Tyler of Aerosmith). Does that make your life more difficult ?
No, not at all. My dad is the coolest dad I could imagine. I love him to death.

What do you guys do when you get together ?
We go to Sushi, we hang out together, it's pretty relaxing. He's a good listener.

What have you seen of The Two Towers ? How's it looking ?
Just the other day, Elijah, myself and a couple other members of the cast went to our production-office here in New York to see at least 25 minutes of it that they've been showing to the media. I liked Gollum. That's the first fully digital character [in Lord of the Rings]. I think it's very impressive. I also liked the war scenes. Man, I can't wait to see how that looks on the big screen.

What do you think the second movie will bring to the audience ?
I think that the plot will thicken, and the audience will get a better understanding of the journey. Also, there are some really cool fighting scenes in this one.

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