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The doll of Eve

Greek Madame Figaro, December 2011. Translation by Jacqueline.

She stayed in our minds as the beautiful elf in Lord of the Rings, but as the muse of Givenchy in rows and makeup to perfume Very Irresistible. Liv Tyler shares her tastes, habits and beauty secrets. We apply them to a nursing program two days before New Year's Eve.


One day before
- Cleaning: Spend a few minutes more to clean your face and immediately go to exfoliate.
- Exfoliation: Smooths the skin and stimulates blood circulation, giving your cheeks a rosy, healthy color. The clean, uniform skin reflects light much better, looking lively and fresh. One day before leaving, I ran a system with exfoliating glycolic acid for mild chemical peeling, which promotes cell renewal and revitalizes the skin.
- Mask: A hydrating mask will calm your skin and will give it a uniform, bright look.
- Serum: Before sleep stretched out on your face one night serum for bright, comfortable skin.
- Nutrition: One cup of green tea will stimulate your body. Make sure you sleep at least eight hours, so you'll wake up feeling fresh and renewed.

The day of the party
- Nutrition: A full breakfast like a bowl with milk and cereal will give you strength and energy and will last until noon. For lunch, choose a meal rich in protein, such as salmon with a green salad and some bread. With the proper diet your skin will glow.
- Function: Massage with slight movements in the areas around your eyes and cheeks to stimulate blood circulation.
- Flash: The moisturizer is necessary, but not sufficient. Use a product for extra shine.
- Perfect base: Aside from smooth and uniform, your skin needs to glow. He stretched out on a clean face with von de TEN mikroperles that reflect light and give a subtle look on the face.
- Make-up: To accomplish the perfect natural shade, stretch out on your palm a minimum quantity of 3 shades von de DMS and mix them.
- Face Control: Face smooth and bright.
The first movement glamorous look is the right choice and use a cream or serum.
- Use cream with an SPF of at least 15 to protect and hydrate.
- If you choose a cream without SPF, wear von de TEN, which protects the skin from light, or sunscreen if you're prone to freckles.
- Creams with Retinol are pure anti-wrinkle, and those with calcium for older ages.


One day before
- Flash: For really soft skin, use an exfoliating cream with thick grain, which would stretch out on dry skin - when the skin is wet, the scrub is slippery and not very effective. Before your bath, stretch the scrub in a circular motion and do a light massage for 5-10 minutes until your skin is a pinkish color.
- Softness: After peeling, fill the bathtub with warm water and enjoy a shower gel. Now is the time to shave your legs, because warm water in combination with the shower gel softens even the toughest hairs. Use essential oils or bath oil.
- Hydration: The body treatment is not complete if you do not moisturize your skin with your favorite lotion or cream. If your skin has special needs, look for a cream with the right ingredients: salicylic acid removes pimples from the back, shoulders and arms, vitamin E gives shine and lactic acid softens the hard elbows, heels and knees.
- Trimmed edges: Relaxing on the couch, watching TV is the ideal time to do a manicure and pedicure. Your nails are softened from the bath and are easier to groom. To dry and stabilize completely, the glaze wants 24 hours, so by the party, your manicure and pedicure will be perfect. For professional grooming, go for a walk to Fairy Nails. In no time you'll have perfect hands and feet, ready to dance. And don't forget that having a perfect pedicure means you can wear your favorite gold sandals.

The day of the party
- Rejuvenation: Take a quick shower and spread your favorite scented lotion on your body.
- Accra: You may have already done the manicure, but now we must ensure that your hands are soft and smooth. Stretch a moisturizer and wait until it's completely absorbed.
- Final Touch: Pass a layer of transparent varnish on your nails for greater durability and shine.
- Glow everywhere: A powder with mikroperles or gold and silver powders with a minimum amount on the neck, arms and shoulders gives you a festive tone.


One day before
- Professional Care: If you want to revamp the look you, now is the time. Do not let your visit to the hairdresser for the last time. Refresh the color of your hair with new paint or tints and tried a bold look. Do not proceed to radical changes, like changing cuts, if you're not sure, because such interventions are not easily fixed.
- Color: If you do not have time to visit the hairdresser, renew the color of your hair with a colouring kit at home. Even if you haven't done it before, the process is easy, provided you follow the package directions.
- Cleaning: If your hair is normal or dry, it's best to bathe the day before. You look more styled and you can sift through it the way you want.
- Hydration: After shampooing your hair, stretch out in a hydrating mask. Leave it for about ten minutes and rinse once wrapped in a towel to absorb moisture.

The day of the party
- Styling: If you have long hair and want to create beautiful waves, put it in a loose ponytail. After one hour solve the braid, split your hair into three or four tufts, and wrap them up with big rollers on the head. Afterwards, put on your makeup and spend some time taking out the rollers, arrange the curls putting your fingers through your hair without a brush, and wound up with a little styling spray for strong hold.

Remember that:
* The ponytails are sophisticated and youthful.
* The chignon give Hollywood vintage glamour.
* The volume is fashion even in the head. Use foam specific volume.
Sexy Touch: Put some of your favorite fragrances in your hair so whenever you move or let go of people they can smell you. Some scents, such as the Coco Mademoiselle Chanel, are specially scented hair sprays.

The Clocks of Liv

The von de TEN

I like the slightly von de TEN with SPF for sun protection. After the von de TEN stretch, I always use a soft powder for a matte finish and finish with rouge. I usually choose pink, but when I want to emphasize cheekbones and create angles, I prefer more earthy beiges and brown tones.

My lipstick:
I'm not always wearing lipstick, but lately my personal makeup artist convinced me to use at least a soft beige. I also like to put a clear gloss to give my lips some shine.

My mascara:
I prefer black Givenchy's Eye Fly and put it on the top lashes only.

My hair:
First time I was 13 reflections for the film Stealing Beauty's Bertolucci. Now I go to the hairdresser, Sally Hirschberger in New York and make my little brown hues that give light to my black hair that look beautiful on the screen. I prefer products from Kerastase and Frederic Fekkai.

My care:
Although I love the spa, I prefer to do exfoliation and masks myself in my bathroom.

My body:
After the birth of my son Milo, I felt the need to strengthen my immune system. At every meal I take herbal supplements, fish oil, and linseed. Every morning I drink almond milk, bananas, blueberries, and linseed oil. And I drink lots of water. When shooting the next movie, I train with coach David Kirch, who gives me protein and vitamin supplements and advice on my diet.