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Hello Beauty Book - Liv Tyler

by Nadine Baggott, Hello!, February 2012. Photos by Simon Emmett. Scans by Rianon.

With a new ad campaign and another movie to her name, life's looking good for Liv Tyler. Here the statuesque US beauty gives us the inside track on her hair, happiness and heroines.

Liv Tyler is naturally engaging; with sparkling eyes, glossy hair and long, lean legs, the Stealing Beauty star commands your attention when she walks into a room. But then the 34-year-old sits with her legs tucked under her to chat, and her constant laughter lets you in on a soft, warm side as she speaks proudly of being a mother - to Milo, seven - and tells how her favourite fragrance is that of those she loves.

Congratulations! You're the new face - or should that be hair? - of Pantene.

"You might not know that I originally did a Pantene commercial when I was 19. I was so flattered because I was at school and only ever used Pantene. Then I did a whole slew of commercials for other products but never for hair and people would say to me. 'You have such healthy hair' so I would joke that I needed another commercial. When Pantene called 15 years later, I was so excited that I dug out my old ad to show them! It's on the internet if you want to see it."

You're known for your natural, glossy hair. What's your secret?

"A great conditioner and a great cut. I'm pretty useless at doing my own hair. I have this clever technique - I put in a little serum, roll the sides back and twist it continually, then fix it back at the nape of my neck in a band. When it dries, it has these pretty, soft waves."

What is your favourite Pantene product?

"I honestly don't have a favourite as I love them all. I still use the original conditioner that I used when I was a teenager, it makes my hair really beautiful and shiny. And now I'm discovering the new masque."

If one secret of great hair is a great cut, who do you trust with yours?

"I have to work with lots of different hair and make-up artists but if I have the chance to get anyone to cut it. I choose Eugene Souleiman. He originally cut my hair really short for a campaign and did such a great job that now I totally trust him. The only problem is that right now. he's very busy - but I'm spoiled, I don't want anyone else to cut my hair. He's the best."

Do you worry about going grey?

"I found my first couple of grey hairs when I was 18. My hairdresser convinced me that they had turned grey overnight! I've since found out that isn't true. Now, every once in a while, I find one or two in the exact same spot - but I just pull them out! My mother [former model Bebe Buell] is blonde so it's hard to tell but I don't think she's grey at all. So I am hoping it won't be a problem for me for a while yet."

What's your skincare secret?

"My advice is to take good care of yourself. There is no one cream that you're going to buy that will give you great skin. The secret is consistency - take an extra five minutes a day to look after your skin and hair. I cleanse and wash off then exfoliate. That's the key for me to clear skin. I exfoliate my face and body regularly with a host of gloves, the Clarisonic brush and grainy scrubs. I find it makes a real difference to my skin not only to deep clean it and remove the dead calls, but to boost blood flow so that I get that healthy glow."

Do you have a skin doctor?

"I've been seeing a dermatologist since I was a teenager. In America, we often have a skin doctor and I also visit her for facial. As a young woman in films, if you get a breakout you need to see to it really quickly. I'm lucky I don't break out often but if I do, I seek her help."

You've struggled with your weight in the past and have been vociferous about healthy body issues for woman. What's your stay-in-shape secret now?

"I'm doing a lot of ballet at the moment, which I love. It's a class called Ballet Beautiful in New York City but you can go online as she has amazing DVD's. My trainer is Mary Helen Bowen. I have always loved to dance and was born with these crazy, weird ballerina feet so it feels very natural for me to do a lot of Pilates and dance, stretching and movement. I really enjoy it. A of my friends work out with her too and it's such fun - sometimes we even throw tutus on. She is an inspiration as she has the most beautiful body in the world and used to be a ballerina."

Do you find the class easy?

"It looks really easy but is crazy hard to do. You do the most simple arm movement that looks like nothing but when you do them repetitively, you can barely move. And it's aerobic - when I finish. I'm out of breath, hot and flustered."

Do you work out extra hard if you have a film role to prepare for?

"It depends on the role but if I need to reach a goal. I have an amazing trainer called David Kirsch. Sometimes I do David's programme for a week or two and that shows really quick results. You work out every day and have a shake for breakfast and a shake for lunch and then protein and a big salad for dinner and maybe an apple at one of his bars and lots of vitamins and supplements. It really works for me."

Do you have to much what you eat or feel the need to diet?

"I do and don't watch what I eat. What I mean is that I can eat what I want, but in moderation. The truth is that I like to eat so I won't deprive myself of good food. I love olive oil and red wine but if I have a goal, like a shoot or a role or something specific that I need to get in shape for, then I would be much more regimented. That's often when David helps out."

What foods do you avoid?

"I love bread but it tends to make me feel unwell."

Your body shape has changed quite a bit in the past few years and you look stronger and leaner than before.

"It took me months to lose the baby weight after my son was born. But anally, after that struggle I found that my body has really changed. I lost not only my baby weight but my own baby fat. So now it is easier for me to retain my weight and stay consistent. I have quite a strong, athletic body so when I exercise, it responds quickly."

What's your stay-healthy secret?

"I'm big on juices. Near my house in New York there's this tiny shop called Organic Avenue and they do fantastic fresh juices. I love cucumber juice, watermelon juice and coconut water. I really notice a big difference in my skin if I drink lots of them."

Are you high or low maintenance?

"It would appear that I am low maintenance but the truth is that I definitely have my things that I take my time doing. It's just that I don't spend ages blow drying my hair and applying make-up every morning. But if I had to go camping would I survive? Oh yes, easily."

How about on a desert island?

"Oh, I don't know about a desert as my skin is not too good in dry heat! I prefer humidity. If I could choose a Caribbean island with heat and humidity I'd be in heaven - just pop some blush and swim all day."

Are you a beauty addict? Do you get excited about trying new products?

"I love them. I wouldn't say that I'm addicted, but I genuinely love beauty products. I'm very girly and love beauty and fashion and clothes. I have a Givenchy lip balm glass that I never leave home without. It's a combination of a lip and cheek balm and it's always in my bag."

What is your favourite spa treatment?

"My favourite spa is the strange place in LA called the Beverly Hot Springs because they have these natural springs that you can soak in all day. You alternate between hot and cold water and steam and then you go in the back and they scrub you and massage you with milk and honey and then wash your hair. I don't get to go that often so at home. I tend to take a bath or steam and try to get a regular facial."

Do you have a favourite scent?

"The smell of my son! If I could bottle that I would so I could always have it with me. The smell of the people you love is amazing - even my dog smells good. I lift up his ear and smell his neck."

Who are your beauty heroines?

"My grandmother and mother. They've very different but I learned everything about beauty from them My grandmother was a model in the 1950s and an etiquette teacher. She is 81, still does yoga and looks like she is in her 60s. I hope that I'll take after her. My mom is equally as beautiful. She was a model in the 1970s before I was born and has an amazing collection of vintage clothes. She always smells so good and carries herself so well."

What's next for you?

"I've had a busy few years. I moved to LA for a few years and back to New York. I've been working with Givenchy and doing films. I read scripts all of the time, but it has to be the right project to take me away from Milo now. I've just finished a little movie with Susan Sarandon and Frank Langella called. Robot and Frank that will be released later this year."

And finally, would you rather be beautiful or smart?

"Oh, I want to be beautiful and smart. Do I have to pick? That seems so limiting. But okay. I would rather be smart - and feel beautiful."

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