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Liv Tyler Didn't Tell Her Dad She'd Be Singing for Givenchy

People, February 2012.

Liv Tyler Didn't Tell Her Dad She'd Be Singing for Givenchy.
In her latest ad for Givenchy beauty, Liv Tyler does something she's always wanted to do: she sings.

"My whole life, since I was a little girl, all I ever thought I would do is be a singer," she tells PEOPLE. "My mom and stepdad, my dad [Steven Tyler] are all musicians and singers, and somehow I started modeling and acting instead."

But when Givenchy approached her about changing up the routine for their Very Irrésistible Givenchy Electric Rose fragrance ads, the star was all for it.
"I literally jumped on my bed and screamed like a little girl," she says. "It was such an amazing opportunity to try it out."

In the video ad, Tyler - who's been the face of Givenchy beauty for eight years - sings a sexy rendition of the INXS hit "Need You Tonight" and dances with a group of extremely attractive male models.
"The recording of the song was such a separate process from creating the image," she explains. "For the song part ... I had to in four or five days find my voice, so to speak, with [producer] David Sitek. We recorded at his house in L.A., I was in my overalls ... it was totally not about the visual performance."

The video, shot in Paris, was a different story.
"I literally flew there, landed, went straight to the set, met with a choreographer, never got to stretch," she recalls. "It was incredibly challenging to perform like that. I couldn't hide behind a character, but I kept thinking about Madonna, Debbie Harry, the amazing performers I grew up watching. We shot til 4 a.m., and I was covered in bruises by the end, but it was really fun."

Though Tyler is so proud of the final product, she never told her family about the experience.
"I hadn't even told my dad about it," she says, nothing that she doesn't often talk to her family about the projects she completes. It wasn't until sisters Chelsea and Mia came by her home one day and spotted the record Givenchy had used to promote the fragrance did she share the story.
"I played them the video, they were so sweet, so excited, so supportive," she says. "Then it came out the next day, and I realized I could be excited about this now."