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Liv on Be Magazine
Being Rock is not a wearing mask or a job

Be Magazine, March 2012. Scans by Loops. Translation by Alice.

We knew her as an actress, a mum, an égérie. We discover her as a singer with the lunch of Electric Rose, the new Givenchy fragrance, for which she covers Need You Tonight by INXS. Meeting in London.

Singing is a big premiere for you?
Almost. I've already sing chorus for friends musicians and sing on Hey That's No Way to Say Goodbye, song by Leonard Cohen, covered by Evan Dando, signer and guitarist of Lemonheads, for his album Varshons (Kate Moss also sings for this album). But it wasn't really professional. We recorded it in an apartment. He went out for groceries while I was whispering my part, alone on the couch. We sung a bit together and it was warped.

With parents like yours, it's hard to understand why you didn't did it before...
Actually, it was a secret dream when I was a girl. But growing up in a family of musicians, I was afraid to admit it. My father was singing, my step-father too, and also my mum. She's just released a new album. I loved to croon with her in the kitchen as a teenager. But as a child I found them so talented that I was afraid to tell them I wanted to do the same thing. I was scared not to be as gifted as them.

How did you prepared to cover INXS' Need You Tonight, which by the soundtrack of Givenchy Electric Rose Fragance clip?
I prepared myself mentally, because I really thought about it (laughts). In the past I worked a lot with coaches on my voice and because I love to sing. For this project I worked on more specifics points, like learning to breathe and to use my diaphragm.

Did it imply a specific lifestyle?
Smoke a lot and drink a lots of Whisky...

This song was your idea?
We also thought about 80s hits like Girls Jus Want to have Fun, in a trash way, and Another Brick in the Wall. But finally, we've decided to choose Need You Tonight that we changed a lot from the first version.

Did you work on your "on stage look"?
Not really. I'm wearing Givenchy gothique inspiration couture, and it fits me. When we're singing, we're living two experiences: on one side what we're feeling inside, this deep feeling on freedom and well-being, and one the other side, the outside aspect: what we have to look like and how we packaged it. These are two different things and I think the last one is way more difficult.

What is your daily style?
Deep inside, I'm still this country side girl, a "hillbilly" like we say in USA, who is wearing dungarees , a checked shirt and Converses. I grew up between New York and Maine, but I still get dress like a Maine Girl.

We use the word rock to describe anything today. So what is being rock according to you?
I don't like this word. It doesn't mean anything now and it upsets me to hear it like "Let's do something cool, let's do something rock". Since my childhood, I live with authentic rock person who don't think about being rock. You don't become rock or cool. You are or you aren't from the beginning, and wearing a leather jacket doesn't change anything. It annoys me to try to do marketing on something that can not be created. Members of the CCS band for example, who give wild concerts, have a rock attitude even if their music is not. I know a lot of musician who are the same in studio and on stage. Being rock is not a wearing a mask or a job.

Except that, it's better to look fancy to get known, no?
Yes but music magic go further than the look. I've spend my life surrounded with musicians, I've observed them rehearsing a lot and perform on stage. To me they are surrounded with mystery. We can imagine the amount of work behind a song. I'm fascinated by this little something that gives every moment unique and I'm not sure that it has something to do with clothes.

Liv in Live, When?
It's not on my agenda. But for a karaoke, why not? You'd like to see me on stage?

Did you noticed similarities between you and David Sitek from TV on the radio who also proceeded this record?
Yes, we both love to cook, we have a little something for alcohol, and we'd like to cover New Order on banjo... Non, I'm kidding. More seriously, there are artists that we both like, like Suicide, Black Sabbath, Brigitte Fontaine or Lee Hazlewood. We also both love sad song and hate cold studios. We recorded in his house on Mulholland Drive and between takes, we played with kids while the cat was bitting the wires.

Did you liked TV on the Radio?
Yes, I love this band. They played in Paris while I was there, and after the concert, David and I met for the first time.

Would you like to work with him on an album?
We actually think of it. I would love to do an album. One problem: the time!

David Sitek (Tv On The Radio) on Liv:
"She really surprised me. I was expected a soft voice, but she actually really sing and she is not afraid to be aggressive. It's also interesting to work with someone from the cinema industry, because she's not trying to defend her identity or her ego like others... She plays, has fun. We tried a lot of versions of the song. She did well."

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