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Liv Tyler's Style Secrets

UK InStyle, May 2012. Scans by Rianon.

The actress shares her tips on how she achieves those gorgeous looks and locks.

Liv Tyler seems to have it all: timeless good looks a rock-star father and an ever-increasing eclectic repertoire of block-buster movies. But it's her long chocolate-brown hair that makes every girl we know green with envy. So it's no surprise that Pantene Prov has asked her to be its ambassador again after she first worked with them in the 90s. We caught up with her to find out how she keeps her trademark tresses so utterly gorgeous.

Where do you got your beauty and style inspiration?
"My grandmother and mother, old films, photos, and from observing all of the colourful characters I see around me every day in New York."

Who are your style icons?
"It's got to be Rita Hayworth and Debbie Harry. I'd love to try being a platinum blonde like Debbie."

What's your daily hair care routine?
"Because my hair is styled a lot for filming, photo shoots, events and so on, I have a hair care regime. Every time I wash it l shampoo to cleanse, condition to moisturise and I use a leave-in treatment at least once a week. Then I usually protect it with Pantene Normal-Thick Hair Split End Serum."

How do you style your hair when you're not working?
"I leave it to dry naturally so it gets a break from all the styling."

Does your hair affect the way you feel about yourself?
"Absolutely I like my hair long because it makes me feel feminine and gives me confidence. It also means I can experiment depending on my mood."

Would you ever be tempted to do something drastic to your hair?
"I love my hair as it is but I'm always open to doing something different for the right film role. Robert Altman once asked me to get a pixie crop for Cookie's Fortune, which I loved."

What is the worst thing you've ever done to your hair?
"I got a spiral perm when I was nine - it was awful."

How does it feel to be the new ambassador for Fortune Pro-V?
"I'm really excited about working on this new project especially as I did a pantene advert back in 1996! I've tried lots of different hair care brands over the years, but Pantene is my favouriteas it always leaves my hair looking and feeling healthy, shiny and nourished."

What can we expect from new Fortune Pro-V?
"It's had a total brand makeover - pretty much everything is new! The range is now divided into the three core hair types, normal-thick, fine and coloured, so it's easier than ever to find the perfect product for your exact hair type."

How would you describe your hair?
"It definitely falls into the normal-thick category, there is a lot of it and it's really full-bodied. The great thing is because Pantene looks after my hair so well, I can keep it long without the worry of split ends."

What is your favourlte product from the range?
"Everything really! The shampoo smells gorgeous, the conditioner makes my hair feel smooth and nourished, but the serum is my absolute must-have."

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