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Liv Tyler - Behind The Hair

UK Marie Claire, May 2012. Scans by Edina.

The Hollywood starlet tells Marie Claire how she keeps her hair so gorgeous

Way back in 1996, one of Hollywood's hottest new female leading ladies. a 19-year-old Liv Tyler, starred in her first ad campaign for Pantene Pro-V. Now, in 2012, the iconic A-lister and the iconic brand are back together and Liv is the current face (or should we say hair?) of the recently relaunched range.
Seven years in the making, the new range is inspired by research from various fields including medicine, electronics and even NASA and has undergone some of the most in-depth expert testing ever carried out on a haircare line. The results are a revolutionary new range that includes one of Liv’s favourites, the gorgeous Split End Serum, which strengthens and protects against damage caused by over-styling,
But while the range may have completely changed. Liv still looks as fantastic and radiant as ever. With this in mind, we decided to pick up some tips by quizzing her on that gorgeous head of hair.

Talk us through your hair taro regime
My hair goes through endless styling and leasing, which really takes its toll, so it's important I look after it. I shampoo and condition my hair every wash to cleanse and moisturize it, and I use a leave-in treatment at least once a week for extra conditioning. Then I usually protect it with split end serum on the ends or a nourishing spray to keep it in top condition. When I'm not working I try to give my hair a break, leaving it to dry naturally and avoiding too much styling.

What‘s your best hair care secret?
Always use after-care products such as heat defence sprays and split end serums.

How would you describe your hair type?
It’s normal/thick and really full bodied. And because Pantene looks after my hair so well. I can keep it long without the worry of split ends.

Would you ever be tempted to do something drastic to your hair?
I love my hair as it is, but I'm always open to doing something drastic for the right film part. Robert Altman asked me to cut off my long hair into a short pixie cut for Cookie's Fortune. I loved having the opportunity to do that.

What ia the worst thing you ever did to your hair?
Getting a spiral perm when l was nine!

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