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Interview for Veronica

Veronica Magazine, December 2002

She is one of the few ladies between all those Elfs, Dwarfs, Orcs and Hobbits. Liv Tyler once again takes up her role in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers as the Elven princess Arwen. Does she really give up her immortality for a life with Aragorn ?

What can we expect from Arwen in The Two Towers ?
Originally they wanted to make a strong character from her, a real warrior. I was up in New-Zealand for months preparing myself for things that I eventually didn't have to do. Horse-riding, swordfighting, making a he-woman of myself. That was really difficult and at times I was really depressed, because they couldn't make a decision. I would have just given up all the same! They wanted to let her fight with swords and stuff. Later they decided that she was a strong enough character on her own. Less action and more drama. Now we see Arwen making the ultimate decision: she stays for Aragorn, or she doesn't. We see her during the movie having a hard time making that choice.

After all those movies you must feel really confident on sets ?
I'm very shy. On the first day of Jersey Girl, I was just numb. It doesn't matter how many movies I make, I'm always terrified. Sometimes it's just so bad that I don't function correctly.

If you where to be a superhero you would be ...
I don't know many action-heroes, Catwoman would be nice. Miauw! And then I get to lick people

How late does your alarm clock go off ?
Depends. Today very early a half past nine. Sometimes at ten, sometimes not at all. Those are my favorite days. I love sleeping. If I don't have to work, then I do nothing before 12. If I work, then the alarm goes off at four, or half past four at midnight. And that's not funny! If you would have to do the same for work, you would do the same: sleep as long as you can on your day off.

What's the strangest thing you ever did for money ?
Acting. By the way the only job I ever had

Do you think the Coyote will ever catch the roadrunner ?
I have heard weird, bizar questions the whole day, but this really tops all! I don't remember! Uh I haven't seen those movies since I was a kid. Miep-miep! Is there a happy ending for the coyote ? Lookout or I'll kick you're *!

Which number are you sick of hearing ?
Every possible Celine Dion-song. I think her music is torturous. And Christina Aguillera! I don't like it when people are that ... Ooe-aah-eeei-aaah. Just sing!

What do you find repulsive in men ?
I don't like macho-men. I dig senseive types

Do you have a recurring dream ?
I keep dreaming about waves. Sometimes I dream very vividly. And sometimes I don't dream. What happens to me in the waves ? None of your bussines!

What's the most disgusting thing you've ever eat ?
My God, you are serious about those questions ? I hate oysters. Nasty. Tried to eat them in every different way, not for me. I know there supposed to be erotic, but not for me.

Who's on top of your mobile phone list ?
Wait. Let's check (presses buttons). My aunt, Annie. And right behind her 'Baby'. That's Roy, my boyfriend

What magazine do you read while you're on the toilet ?
Ah, painfully! But there's this New-Zealand magazine called NW. It's like US Weekly. With pictures you wouldn't get to see anywhere else. A girlfriend of mine subscribed to it. For a laugh, for my birthday. It lies next to the toilet

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