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Liv Tyler Shares the Beauty Advice She'd Give to her Teenage Self

by Sierra Tishgart, Teen Vogue, November 2012.

The actress and Givenchy spokesperson reminds us of the importance of cleansing, hydrating, and eating healthily..

Growing up in the nineties, Liv Tyler was the coolest girl on the planet. She had acting chops (see: cult classic Empire Records), a famous rocker dad, and a pout that could get Ben Affleck to return home from space (ahem, Armageddon). Liv's now settled into her life as a mother and while we don't see her in as many films as we used to, her star power is enduring. We sat down with Liv at a Givenchy event Teen Vogue hosted at Sephora and can happily report that she's gracious and humble, as well as stunning. Take her beauty and health tips seriously-we sure do!

What beauty advice would you give to your teenage self?
"I was blessed to have a mother and grandmother who taught me a lot about beauty, so I already had all of the advice the needed. I started taking care of my skin and playing with makeup at a young age."

What was the best tip they passed along?
"Always remember to wash your face before you go to sleep, and use moisturizer. And to not forget to floss your teeth. If you go to sleep with makeup on, it makes your skin dull and tired. Get it all off at night and then give your pores a chance to breathe while you're sleeping. It pays off later on."

Which beauty products do you use on a daily basis?
"I've had a cosmetics contract with Givenchy for eight years, and that's been really nice. But I'm kind of like a chemist. My whole bathroom is filled with products. The best thing to do try new items."

What do you keep in your purse?
"I have a new Givenchy lipstick, powder, and a little concealer. I keep a baby lipstick brush-it's like a tiny paintbrush-for covering up little things with concealer."

Beyond beauty, what health tips do you follow day to day?
"Diet is really important. When they say you are what you eat and that beauty comes from within, that's true."

What's your go-to snack?
"It depends on if I'm being naughty or nice. I love potato chips-I let myself have a bag of Doritos whenever I fly. For a healthy snack, I usually make crudit? and cut up cucumbers and carrots. And I drink a green juice every single day with apple, ginger, cucumber, and celery. I crush Macadamia nuts up and sprinkle them on top so I can chew them while I drink."